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leopard Posted: Jan 11th 2008

Any1 dig Project Zoo 'cause thats my fave.

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

It's my fav too, my good old friend! Did you enjoy that fabulous Irn Bru Carnival?:D

leopard Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Yeah!!!felt a wee bit groggy though:'(

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 12th 2008

Yeah, I heard that bit on the phone!;)

Ize Posted: Jan 19th 2008

its my fave to

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

I was playing it this morning on me PS2!;)

leopard Posted: Jan 19th 2008

man you are jammy|-)

Mark the shark Posted: Jan 19th 2008

Thanks. Hey! I'm stuck again (as I told you over the phone!):D

Ben Douglas-Almond Posted: Mar 5th 2008

It's my favourite aswell!!!


gromit96 Posted: Mar 9th 2008

I love this game its really cool I am on the level were you have too rescue the pandas

leopard Posted: Mar 20th 2008


curt t1 Posted: Mar 21st 2008

thats a brill game:D ! im stuck on the last lvl:-(its not that easy leopard.;)

Mark the shark Posted: Apr 6th 2008

The Panda level may seem easy to you Leopard. But do remember you didn't help me with Project Zoo yesterday when you were at my house. Neither with Sonic Heroes. Naughty, naughty. At least we got to go to the forest behind my house though.:D

Hutch Posted: Apr 12th 2008

Yep,i dig it;except i can't get past the Lava Level or the panda.

crackersandcheese Posted: Oct 27th 2008

My fave too, I luv it!!!:D

gromit9 Posted: Nov 1st 2008

i never played it but i love to play it on my ps2>:-)

cherry66 Posted: Nov 27th 2008

i cnt do the bit where you jump on the things over the lava

crackin cheese Posted: Nov 29th 2008

I'm stuck on the lava level at the very start how do you get on the platform to go into that cave thingy

wallace and gromit fan no1 Posted: Dec 3rd 2008

iv never played prodject zoo but i have the curse of the ware rabbit on ps2 but i would like project zoo

619 Posted: Dec 5th 2008

Use the super jump Crackin cheese:D;)

crackin cheese Posted: Dec 8th 2008

how do u use that what buttons do you press i have a ps2

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