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kieran Posted: Mar 8th 2010

Dear Aardman staff can you tell us more about the 3d wallace and gromit film and if Aardman are still going to make it?

Because if you were going to make it i would think it would be cool.

jordan Posted: Mar 8th 2010

its not being made. sounds like the imax one was planned/pulled afew years back.

nam man06 Posted: Mar 8th 2010

it would have been wicked! :D

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 8th 2010

I read tht gaming onsoles gonna make some games 3d........... but id like to c Piella being eaten by a 3d gator, haha

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 9th 2010

it would be disgusting and i probably wouldnt stay on this site if there was a full computer generated 3D movie.....unless you mean 3D avatar?

concon Posted: Mar 9th 2010

I want 3D Stuff like... stuff!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 9th 2010

There's nothing set in stone yet, but if 3D movies continue to be popular then Aardman might consider the technology in future. Who knows, but it's exciting stuff...

Is everyone enjoying 3D films at the moment? Avatar? Up? Coraline? I have to say I'm a big fan...although I don't like having to pay extra for the glasses at the cinema :O

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 9th 2010

Meh. Glasses. And they are uncomfortable if you already wear glasses. And they dont polarise the picture correctly for some people and they cant see the 3D sadface.

concon Posted: Mar 9th 2010

LOL, all my friends and me wear the glasses in school. 8)

jordan Posted: Mar 11th 2010

Arthur Christmas is going to be in 3D

shaun the lamb Posted: Mar 12th 2010

I wish I got to see Avatar in 3D, That would have been awesome I bet!

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 13th 2010

its still in the cinemas

wandgfan21 Posted: Mar 14th 2010

i think 3D films are a good idea but i dont like paying extra for the glasses and to be honest i prefer films in 2D. I think the most annoying thing would be i 3D films replaced 2D altogether, that would be a sad thing.

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 14th 2010

Maybe they should rereleased COTWR in 3D? with extended scenes and stuff. imagine seeing wallace tranforming into the were-rabbit in 3D!

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 15th 2010

that would be cool!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 15th 2010

CT - that would be AMAZING, I'd love to watch Curse of the Were-Rabbit in 3D. With Aardman working on so many other feature films at the moment I'm not sure they have time for this right now, but if it became a cult classic in future...who knows!

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 15th 2010

@ct: Great idea! It also would be great to see this scene where Victor Quartermaine wants to shot at Wallace (the Rabbit) and Gromit saves him by flying to him with his "plane"!! To see Gromit flying throught the cinema would be fantastic!

concon Posted: Mar 15th 2010

And when Wallace's buttons are popping off into the cinema. :D

kldceltic Posted: Mar 15th 2010

funny concon;):D

Gromits little bro Posted: Mar 15th 2010

Everyone's forgotten the most spectacular one would be the chase for the were rabbit in the underground tunnel. That would be awesome.

I love Bitzer Posted: Mar 15th 2010

With the flying earth and all those things! Fantastic >:-)

kldceltic Posted: Mar 15th 2010

yeah it was i forgot about the one glb;)

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 27th 2010

Or if they make a Wallace and Gromit movie theatre all in Wallace Screen in 3d)
That would be...... Fantastic!


shaun the lamb Posted: Mar 31st 2010

And how about when gromit was chasing feathers, on the model train set? I think that would make a good 3D clip too.

Seb Moderator Posted: Mar 31st 2010

If 3D really is the wave of the future W&G have to be converted!

The Rocket blasting towards us! The train chase!! The motorbike launch scene! The chase on the roof of Tottington Hall! The Bake-o-Lite balloon!!

So many things - it would be incredible.

kldceltic Posted: Mar 31st 2010

i hope there is a 3d and film:D:);)

boo315 Posted: Mar 31st 2010

What about when robot roars at in A Close Shave

skalouis Posted: Apr 7th 2010

&in 3d cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raw Carrot Posted: Apr 12th 2010

Yeh it would be awsome!
If you can't wear the glasses then you could see it in 2D.
Personally I would go see it in 3D though!

kieran Posted: Jan 23rd 2011

Dear aardman and Wallace and gromit fans has anyone got anymore info on this subject and are aardman making this Wallace and gromit 3d film?

jordan Posted: Jan 24th 2011

there is no new wallace & gromit film at the mo , there about 4 features in pre/production / production

kieran Posted: Jan 24th 2011

I hope aardman make it i think it would look cool.

-Wensleydale- Posted: Jan 25th 2011

Why would they even consider changing the already perfect Wallace and Gromit into yet another 3D film.

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