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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 9th 2010

Which of Wallace's love interests was your favourite? The lovely Wendolene? Or maybe Piella as she was so evil? And what type of charater do you think he should fall for next?!

concon Posted: Mar 9th 2010

My favourite was Lady Tottingham because she was so sweet and innocent with a slight naughty side. (Example - "Its my Jacobs ladder.") And also because at the end when she whacks Victor across the head with a giant carrot we see her vicious side. ;)

concon Posted: Mar 9th 2010

Oh and I think Wallace should fall in love with a Vampire. Then he has to decide to either become a vampire and leave all his friends and family or leave his new girlfriend. Her name could be Vampella or something. :)
And then Gromit realises how much danger Wallace is in and has to save the day!

Gromit lad Posted: Mar 9th 2010

it would have to b Totty, haha.

I think wallace should be tricked by an evil scientist animal..... like Feathers Mcgraw in a Beautiful women robot. Then the story would kinda kick offf like TWT ......... idk

ajmole Posted: Mar 10th 2010

@concon, Lady Tottingham???

I liked Totty too. Totty was so good for Wallace, defending him even when he was a were-rabbit. :)

kldceltic Posted: Mar 11th 2010

would be totty:D;) i she liked chesse but not piella,wendoline

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Apr 7th 2010

I think I liked Lady T best as well - her voice is just so funny :)

@concon - the whole world seems to be going mad for vampire love interests at the moment! And I suppose she would have to be sparkly too? ;)

concon Posted: Apr 7th 2010

Yes, and there would obviously have some weird wolf guy as well. ;)

concon Posted: Apr 7th 2010

I know how he could get in, Gromit could be a were-wolf. :D

Vidpal Posted: Apr 12th 2010

vampire doesn't have to be sparkly

i like Piella best

concon Posted: Apr 12th 2010

@Vidpal - The sparkly vampire was laughing at Twilight. ;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 12th 2010

A vampire would completely ruin W&G!!

i like lady tottington the best!
her and wallace have so much in common, she is such a nice person, and she has a funny/great personality!

Vidpal Posted: Apr 13th 2010

i don't think it would ruin anything Aardman can make good stories

KayLax10 Posted: May 6th 2010

Lady Tottington

101Gromit Posted: Jun 28th 2010

Lady Tottington for sure because she isnt a snob

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 11th 2010

Totty for sure!

JynxTitan Posted: Oct 25th 2010

Lady Tottington. :D

Calls Posted: Jul 4th 2011

Lady tottington.

masha72981 Posted: Jul 19th 2011

It has to be Lady T :D Next Wallace should realise that Totty is a were rabbit!

Gromit6212 Posted: Aug 7th 2011

Lady Tottington

Roosterlee Posted: Aug 13th 2011

I think Wallace, like Lady Tottington the most. But he was sure intrested in Wendolene and Piella the Bake 'o' lite girl.

doakley Posted: Sep 5th 2011

I have a bunch of ideas for W&G films and I am still working on them. I don't know which would be the best girl?:-|

puppylove Posted: Nov 10th 2011

HEYi made the same article a few months ago in your rewiews and only one person wrote a comment

LoveShaun19 Posted: Dec 29th 2011

Lady Tottington was the best because she was a lot like Wallace; they would have got on well together. ( Plus, if they married, he would have a lot of money to spend on his inventions. Lord Wallace of Tottington Hall. :) ) I don't know what type he should fall for next. He'll probably be silly about it though. :)

cheesehead302 Posted: Dec 30th 2011

I think Wendolene because her dad was an inventor.

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 13th 2012

I agree roosterie. Wallace was very interested in the lovely in a close shave that it was sad after the way things turned out. Piella was my favorite. I really liked her design and her hair and it would have been cute for and fluffles to live together. But lady Torrington is the best one for wallace

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 16th 2012

Oh heres a slideshow i made, with the adele song someone like you

sheperdess Wendolene Posted: Feb 25th 2012

Oh it doesn't work hmmm:-|

wandgfanatic Posted: Apr 29th 2012

I think Lady Tottington because although she was very classy, she wasn't snobby.  She was very kind to Wallace and never gave up on him.  She also had mischievious and feisty sides to her as well.

baaron1234man Posted: May 28th 2012

Pink-Muffin Posted: Oct 27th 2012

wel...abviously not Piella... so i think lady Totington 

Webkinzluvr Posted: Nov 8th 2012

Definitely Lady Tottington. However, I wish and Fluffles could have stayed tgoether...

evastar7 Posted: Nov 11th 2012

lady tottington

dinogirl Posted: May 24th 2013


Toonsville Posted: Aug 26th 2013

My suggestion is Wendoline. becuase when I was a kid, I was thought about Wallace and Wendoline being the best couple.

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