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iantimothy Posted: Mar 18th 2010

Each of the first three Beaver Creek Episodes won a national gold medal from the Scholastic Art and Writing awards! I get to go to New York City, and receive the awards at Carnegie Hall! My art teacher said no one has won nationals from my school, in over ten years!

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Mar 19th 2010

Thats great! Well Done!:)

concon Posted: Mar 19th 2010

WOOOW! Great! :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 19th 2010


Purple&Brown Posted: Mar 19th 2010

Amazing achievement!! |-)

Ursrut Posted: Mar 19th 2010

that is Beyond BRILLIANT!!!! Well done!!!

nam man06 Posted: Mar 20th 2010


iantimothy Posted: Mar 20th 2010

i am really exited! my school has a closed circuit TV station that has the announcements every morning, and they want to announce that i've won, and play one of the episodes, so all of the school (about 1500 people) will see it.

concon Posted: Mar 20th 2010

Wow! Thats a big school!

Your deffo coming to my big Hollywood party. ;)
(Anyone remember back in 2007 when I said that when Im a actor in Hollywood you can all come to my mansion for a party with Cheese, Crackers and Gromit biscuits? xD )

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 20th 2010

well, if my dreams come true and my talent is discovered i will invite all you guys...even concon!!

concon Posted: Mar 21st 2010

LOL, even me! :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 23rd 2010

even concon!!:D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 25th 2010

Wow, that's so exciting - well done iantimothy! Do you do any other characters as well? I know you had a go at Morph, but wondered if you'd developed any other characters of your own?

iantimothy Posted: Mar 25th 2010

at the moment i am working on another video for a contest, and I developed a new character for it. I should be done with it pretty soon, the deadline is april 15th so it should be done by then. :D

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Mar 26th 2010

Wow, great - best of luck with that! Will you be uploading it to too? :D

iantimothy Posted: Jun 11th 2010

WOW! almost been three months since I found out! Well, I just got back from New York City. I am tired, I will surely elaborate tomorrow, relating to the awards, basically, I was at Carnegie Hall! Tribeca Film Institute! World Financial Center! Then of coarse we did some site seeing. I had never been to New York City, much less that north... quite a bit different than Louisville, Ky. :D

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 12th 2010

AMAZING! Well done! Congratulations!

thetopbun Posted: Jun 12th 2010

Well done Ian! I knew you could do something amazing!

iantimothy Posted: Jun 12th 2010

Yeah! I got three gold medals, then got to stand up on stage with the other best teen artists in the country at Carnegie Hall! Anyone that isn't familiar with Carnegie Hall, it is the probably the most famous, theater/stage/concert hall in America, Maybe the world. In honor of the awards, the empire state building was lit gold that night.

The next day they had a screening, at Tribeca Film institute, of the films who won.
That's also a big deal, Tribeca is one of the most famous theaters in the world. And beaver Creek has been projected upon it's screens. I know Vincent can agree, that it is amazing to see your films on a movie screen. Beaver Creek Was a hit, people loved it, the audience engaged it more than the other eleven films. We talked to the other kids, and the film judges (they said they weren't sure at first if a kid could have made it)

That night they had a reception in the courtyard gallery in the World Fianancial Center, They have a lot of the art up and moniters playing the film's. Y'all should have seen people crowding 'round Beaver Creek, it's the only one that happened on.
Oh! And if anyone is going to be in New York, check it out! The gallery is up til' the 25!

Of course we saw all the famous stuff... Empire state building, statue of liberty, Carnegie Hall.....yeah....... times square. All the other stuff.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 12th 2010

I would have been there myself if I lived in America!
The set detail and animation is superb. I knew you'd get an award for it some day! Which episode did you screen?

thetopbun Posted: Jun 12th 2010


Ursrut Posted: Jun 12th 2010

congratulations :)

iantimothy Posted: Jun 12th 2010

shaun the lamb, all three of them won, and all three were shown at tribeca and the gallery.

boo315 Posted: Jun 12th 2010


iantimothy Posted: Jun 12th 2010

I am throwing this out here, not quite sure if it is against house rules, but I uploaded my pictures to facebook, I can put some of them on here but not many, becuase most of them have me in them,
if the link gets taken down it's no big deal, if you don't want to see what I look like, for security reasons or whatever don't look, but I don't really care if people on here know what I look like.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 12th 2010

wow ian!
gr8 pictures!!

boo315 Posted: Jun 13th 2010

I became friends with you on Facebook(the one with the guitar)

thetopbun Posted: Jun 13th 2010

Ian I can't see any pictures... It says the page expired...

ajmole Posted: Jun 13th 2010

Yeah, look: This content is currently unavailable

The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 13th 2010

Great pictures Ian! I had a look at some more. I like the one with you animated the beaver creek theme song, the set is a lot bigger than I thought it was.

iantimothy Posted: Jun 13th 2010

really, most people think it is smaller than it looks, to give you a sense of scale, the set is on an old door, so it's about seven feet long.

kldceltic Posted: Jun 13th 2010

i sent you a friend request

iantimothy Posted: Jun 14th 2010

Sure I helped.... But these guys are the real winners.

iantimothy Posted: Jun 14th 2010

that shows you how big those medals are, and they're heavy.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 14th 2010

Very Cool Ian :D

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 15th 2010

Congratulations; Twigs, Drake, and Fish!

Purple&Brown Posted: Jun 15th 2010

Don't forget Riley! ;)

iantimothy Posted: Jun 15th 2010

Hehe, that's why he is sneaking up to get them medals. :D

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