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GamePadVader Posted: Mar 25th 2010

Should be good, anyone else think so?

ben 2 Posted: Mar 26th 2010

mmmmmmmm matte boy maby

Clay Fighter Posted: Mar 26th 2010

im not really interested

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 26th 2010

Looks Alot Better Than The RTD Era, It Has To Be Said.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 27th 2010

agreed. At least the doctor wont be a grinning idiot like the tenth doctor was. And plus, the daleks wont be coming back so much as in the other four series. RTD seemed to think they were the best aliens to use as season finale material.

concon Posted: Mar 27th 2010

Matt Smith is a cheesecake and the new series looks far to scary to be a 'Family' TV Show. I mean look at that mad plastic spinning head thing, all the guns, the Weeping Angels, the scary scarecrow looking thing for the trailer and the vampire brides. Karen Gillian looks like a good actress though, hopefully Matt will leave after one series and she will stay for a few series. River Song is coming back as well, but everyone knew that.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Mar 27th 2010

yeah Matt is a bit of a doofus, and he looks like a total geek in that bow tie.

crackingtoast Posted: Mar 30th 2010

What? Matt Looks Awesome. Why Does Everyone Seem To Not Like His Look? David Tennant,As Much As I Like Him,Got Very Repetive With All The 'Please Let Me Help You. You Don't Have To Do This' Stuff By The Time Of Series Four,But Matt Smith's Series Looks Fresh And Harking Back To The Golden Era Of Who. Also Karen Gillian...Well...As Matt Said On Jonathon Ross,She's A Ten;)

ajmole Posted: Mar 30th 2010

In Wisconsin: Doctor Who = ???


nam man06 Posted: Mar 31st 2010

Its like someones hypnotising everyone not to like him!

Aardeej Posted: Apr 1st 2010

Just heard that Matt Smith will be on The One Show tonight - BBC1

nam man06 Posted: Apr 2nd 2010

i saw it!

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 3rd 2010


In the meantime,if you're feeling like watching something not even half as good,you can watch my latest doctor who episode on youtube,which is a new extended and updated version of one of my older ones with brand new extended scenes and this link to watch it (yes i am advertising it a bit but i've not got many comments or views on it compared to my other stuff so i'd really like to hear what you think)

ben 2 Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

good job Huw you should consider an actresss type kinda job i mean look how ummmmm Robert Downey Jr. he stared off real bad and now look he is in some of the greatest movies(IRON MAN)

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

actress? i didnt realise Ct was a girl....

I wanna be an actor when im older!

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

I'm not a girl! where you watching the right video ben 2? I'm the person playing the doctor aswell as a few of the aliens in the episode.

kldceltic Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

ct is a boy:D:)

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

Lol, ben2 said actress, that's where the confuzzleness came in to play.Wow CT you sure sound excited! I hope you enjoy it!!

concon Posted: Apr 3rd 2010

It was good but Matt's clothes were nicer BEFORE she changed into the goofy weirdo thing.

nam man06 Posted: Apr 4th 2010

the new episode is wicked!
i liked the new theme tune but it isnt as iconic!

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Apr 4th 2010

Oh, hes a boy...
I thought Matt was alright as the doctor. Didnt like the scottish assistant though. The new TARDIS and titles are great though :)

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 4th 2010

I Agree,the assistant was very hard to like. i mean,here day job is a bit...risky for kids. atleast we haven't got another rose clone 'i love you doctor,let's snog just to get the ratings up' companion though.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Apr 4th 2010

exactly. Amelia seems to be a bit aggressive, and i agree about her dayjob. I like how Steven has destroyed absolutely all of Russells work on the first four series and redone evrything.

The new Tardis interior is perfect!

Ursrut Posted: Apr 4th 2010

i think the outside is even better! I love the St John Ambulance sticker thing- a- mee-jig, you don't know how excited my friends and i got... yes okay i know what you're thinking!

boo315 Posted: Apr 6th 2010

It was brilliant on saturday;)

concon Posted: Apr 10th 2010

Pretty rubbish episode in my opinion.

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 11th 2010

It thought yesterdays was fantastic. I took probably a second watch to understand completely,but it was very clever and scary. It reminded me of Terry Pratchett and the great Douglas Adams.

thespazicat Posted: Apr 11th 2010

ok, spazicats opinion.

I had mixed opinions about the new series of dr who considering david tennant has left the role for other things, i thought either they would make a masterpiece and revive the series from the horrors of series 4 and some of the specials or make it go down the toilet further.

So then the saturday came when the eleventh hour aired ( almost missed the start) and all i have to say is wow. They have finally got dr who on track again.

Matt Smith is (in my own opinion) better than i expected and possibly better than dt. It was like a come back to the classic doctors from the 60's to the early 80's. Karren Gillan was also great as amy pond and is a fresh for not being like rose, martha or cathrine tate. plus shes scottish too like me so thats a thumbs up. oh as for the kissogram thing, i just laughed.

overall i thought the new doctor who was good and i hope to see matt and karren continue their rolls for series to come.

Grumblefish Posted: Apr 12th 2010

We finally get to see it here in America this Saturday

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Apr 13th 2010

Absolutely CT. Im a great fan of Pratchett and Adams

nam man06 Posted: Apr 15th 2010

i'll be watching the next episode at my friend Thomas's birthday pary (omigosh i cant wait! :D )

MotionMe Posted: Apr 15th 2010

what is dr. who?

nam man06 Posted: Apr 16th 2010

* faints from shock *

nam man06 Posted: Apr 16th 2010

* recovers * have a look on the website!:

ben 2 Posted: Apr 25th 2010

i just watched doctor who episode 1 seson 1 its coool and the behind the scences type thing after it

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 25th 2010

I think the weeping angels are brilliant. They are by far the scariest Dr. Who villains and they can only attack you in what humans fear the most- darkness. Wow, snapping their necks, a bit degenerative of the weeping angels... I can't wait to see how he will out wit them.

Ursrut Posted: Apr 25th 2010

This weeks episode was pretty good although i'm not to sure i like river song any more... dunno why but she was starting to annoy me. The weeping angels plot was great, to say the least (incase people haven't watched it yet.)

concon Posted: Apr 25th 2010

They are supposed to put you back in time! NOT snap your neck! The first time they came, they terrified me. They are boring now. :(

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 25th 2010

I understand what you mean about River, but I can't help wondering how many times she's met the Doctor in her past and how many in her future.I think that River's pig-headedness adds to the fun of the mystery of who she really is...
Don't blink.
And wow that was scary, whatever holds the image of an angels, becomes an angel...

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 25th 2010

Concon, I don't agree with that, the angels were dying, they must have needed the humans dead for something and that is what I'm so excited to see... It would be so boring if they just did the same thing as before. The daleks get boring at times. I find them even more terrifying, especially when they kill you completely.

Ursrut Posted: Apr 25th 2010

Concon also if you listen like GLB has pointed out the weeping angels are dying so they can't make energy to send the people back in time to gain the power from what that human could have been. The human bodies story also add a sense of mystery to the whole thing- and why do they need the brain waves and thoughts of the person who used to occupy the body ( like poor old Bob)- should make for an interesting episode next week...

True GLB- i have to admit i like the way she has that diary and pictures so she knows where he is up to in his life- but yeah the pig headed-ness could be because she knows all to much about the doctor's life ( spoilers).

number Posted: Apr 25th 2010

I thought Doctor Who was a bit boring,not saying it was rubbish just not the best.

And i wonder what's happaning to amy?Is she turing to a angel or somthing?

Ursrut Posted: Apr 25th 2010

whatever beholds the image of the angel will itself becomes an angel- like the TV. So yes she might just become an angel- but as the doctor proved its all in the mind and she just mustn't let the weeping angels get to her.

number Posted: Apr 25th 2010

Oh,i get it now.

concon Posted: Apr 26th 2010

Ooooh I get it. ;)

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