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iantimothy Posted: Apr 21st 2010

Here it is, i am sure some y'all have been waiting for this. Beaver Creek 5 is in the early stages of writing. We have the basic concept, but have to flesh it out more. I am hoping to be done with the story in the next couple weeks. I got the set all fixed up, Twigs was cleaned off and re-clayed, drake is yet to be cleaned, and the fish got squished to i have to remake him. even though it is in early stages, the concept is already pretty funny. this one has to be really good to keep up the standards that the 4th one set. I will get more updates and pictures this time than I did on the last one. I'll keep y'all posted :D

crackingtoast Posted: Apr 21st 2010


Ursrut Posted: Apr 21st 2010

yipppiee! can't wait to see some more of your beaver creek!

kldceltic Posted: Apr 21st 2010


concon Posted: Apr 21st 2010


Jamie Gomersall Posted: Apr 21st 2010

If Beaver Creek doesnt make its way to CBBC in the next ten years I would be very surprised. Keep up the good work


Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

it is a very entertaining animation and its always full of awesome puns!!
keep up the gr8 work!!

fluffles the poodle Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

yay,cant wait :D

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

Whoohooo! :D
Been waiting for this thread a long time!

ajmole Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

I've actually never seen Beaver Creek. *hears shock from the audience* *hears a THUMP from somebody fainting*

iantimothy Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

here are the links, this is the playlist so all four are there, enjoy, tell me what ya' think!

ajmole Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

Number One was cool!
Number Two was epic.
Number Three was LOL cool.
Number Four has the best animation and a good plot.

All are great! I can't wait for Episode Five!

iantimothy Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

glad you like them, are you from the US?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 22nd 2010

I Can't wait

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

I'm from australia and i like them, haha!

iantimothy Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

see, they are internationally known.

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

ajmole Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

Yep. I'm from the USA, and I live there. Wisconsin to be more in depth.

I really can't wait. Any epic events? :):):)

iantimothy Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

cool, I done be brunged up in kentucky. hehe... what do you mean by epic events?

ajmole Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

Like things that would change the series and stuff. Anything important. :) You don't have to say what. You may answer yes or no.... >:-)

iantimothy Posted: Apr 24th 2010

I don't think so, it is starting to become pretty funny though. Nothing to change the series. all of them so far can stand alone, or as a series, so I think it is better to keep it that way.

ajmole Posted: Apr 24th 2010

Okay. That's good.

iantimothy Posted: Apr 26th 2010

It is still going well. The story needs a little work still. We are trying to figure out a bigger roll for drake and the funny main end gag (all of them have had one so far). then once we get that, the story should be finished.

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 27th 2010

woo hoo!
So drake is getting a bigger roll?
sounds cool!

Purple&Brown Posted: Apr 27th 2010

I think he needs a pay rise aswell lol!

Sounds great so far Ian, can't wait! ;)

Nathan M Posted: Apr 27th 2010

drake could have a evil twin who breaks into the beavers home, but no one knows and the real drake gets the blame... then they figure it out. rofl

ajmole Posted: Apr 27th 2010

They already had the Otter break into Twigs' home and wreak it in episode 3. ;)

iantimothy Posted: Apr 27th 2010

haha, somebody's paying attention. :D

iantimothy Posted: Apr 27th 2010

don't you love it when something comes to you and it is perfect! well, i got the end, and reworked the beginning to make the end funnier, it is 10x better. I FINALLY GOT A GAG IN THAT I HAVE SERIOUSLY WANTED TO USE SINCE THE FIRST EPISODE!!! I havent been able to work it in until now. so I am happy. :D
I don't want to release any details still, but i might post some pictures of some props once i make them. :D

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 27th 2010

Sweet !!!:D

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 28th 2010

ooh! i love behind the scenes pics!!
sounds gr8 that u got 2 put a favourite gag in!!

ajmole Posted: Apr 28th 2010

I notice things. Many things. Can't wait to see!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 29th 2010

hey ian how did you rain in episode 1:D becouse i need to do snow and i don't now how :-(

iantimothy Posted: Apr 29th 2010

the rain is an effect in mac program called imovie. Have you seen the fourth episode? that has snow in it, and it was done in flash. if you have flash you can do import the movie and put snow on a new layer. if you don't have flash, what editing software do ya use, some programs have snow plugins.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 29th 2010

I Have A PC And I use magix vidio delux every once and a while i get an trial of sony vegas

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 29th 2010

can you get me some links :D

iantimothy Posted: Apr 29th 2010

no, that is just a compiler, you would want this it is a bit expensive. you could try to buy a slightly older version, that is version 10, I use version 8, i am not sure how much that costs though.

iantimothy Posted: Apr 29th 2010

I am hoping to finish the writing this weekend, I am off school tomorrow, it is the Kentucky Oaks, and then saturday is the Kentucky Derby, you see over yonder in Kentucky you get off yer book lernin' fer big horse races. Point being I should be able to get a lot done.

PoisonIvy Posted: Apr 30th 2010

I've still only seen the first two, but I loved them! Great to hear there are four now, and you're making another; I'd better catch up.

boo315 Posted: May 1st 2010

yay! I love beaver creek;)also what colour do you use for Twigs

iantimothy Posted: May 2nd 2010

He is brown Van Aken Plasticine

boo315 Posted: May 2nd 2010

Thanks Ian where do you buy that:D

iantimothy Posted: May 2nd 2010

Do you live in the US? It is the best kind of clay for animation to get here. if you live in the UK i think the best is Newplast, but i am not the best person to ask about British clays.

boo315 Posted: May 2nd 2010

neither,I live in Ireland but I can get newplast online thanks for your help;)

iantimothy Posted: May 2nd 2010

yeah, I think you should be able to get it in Ireland, i know it is really expensive to ship here, but Van Aken is pretty much the same stuff (Maybe better).

iantimothy Posted: May 3rd 2010

Beaver Creek was shown to the whole school today, people loved it. Everyone kept coming up to me saying how good they thought it was and asking questions. :D

Nathan M Posted: May 4th 2010

cool well done iantimothy, beaver creak is fab! i really think it should be on tv!!

thetopbun Posted: May 4th 2010

Why hello iantimothy! We meet again! How are you and the rest of the gang!?

iantimothy Posted: May 4th 2010

GOOD TO SEE YA! I am good, how 'bout yourself

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