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harryboy8080 Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

Anyone else on this site have to live through those? Drive me crazy. Today the girl I like asked me why I was rocking in class. I can't just go blurting out "I HAVE ASPERGERS!" so i just told her no reason.

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 23rd 2010

i feel sorry for you to live with them but this is not a forum to ask that question.

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Apr 24th 2010

Man, that's bad. That girl sounded a bit inconsiderate. I feel really sorry for you....

concon Posted: Apr 24th 2010

My cousin Ethan has autism.

harryboy8080 Posted: Apr 24th 2010

Clay fighter, this is genral chat.....

ajmole Posted: Apr 24th 2010

But this forum is for W&G, animation and other things like that only, I'm sorry to say. Try Sheep Talk on . ;)

harryboy8080 Posted: Apr 24th 2010

I'm sorry but honestly, scroll through all the topics and look too see how many actually have to do with Wallace and Gromit.

concon Posted: Apr 24th 2010

6. But the rest are nearly all t do with either the site or animation!

Nathan M Posted: Apr 24th 2010

OMG people are actually complaining about this thread :-| common now....

kldceltic Posted: Apr 24th 2010

i have a learning disability:-(:'(

harryboy8080 Posted: Apr 24th 2010

I counted 15 concon....

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 24th 2010

sorry harryboy, but its general chat, to dow ith W&G etc!!

Fish Posted: Apr 26th 2010

I have a friend with Aspergers. He is one of the nicest people I know. From what I've seen of Wallace...I mean....he could be a suffer as well. THAT might connect this thread to the main theme...

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 1st 2010

(Sorry to bump) But I never though about that Fish! I think he might have OCD!!!!

Fish Posted: Jul 5th 2010

Interesting, isn't it, hb8080! There are several engineers in my family, and they are all a LOT like Wallace! :D When they are focused on a project or invention they tune everything and everyone out. It's just how their brains work I think. We've slapped labels on people - Aspergers and OCD, for example. I think it could just a part of being a creative genius.

Meanwhile, we may have stumbled upon a plot for a new W&G film. Wallace sees a psychologist who "cures" him of his social ineptitude. But now he's lost his ability to create strange gizmos! :O How can Gromit rescue him this time???

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 5th 2010

Lol! You know what? Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds the planet ever had..... had aspergers syndrome! It could be part of being a creative genius. :D

thespazicat Posted: Jul 6th 2010

heres a little known fact, my characters haggis and neep are not only based of aliens and scottish people, but my aspergers aswell. Neep being a kind of stereotype of a nuro typical, acting like the things he does is right and everything should be done in a certain way.
Haggis on the other hand, has aspergers in a way. He hardly talks much, his actions are some times kind of out of place BUT is in fact more inteligant than neep and has a huge imagination.

So basically they are kind of the aspergers and nt side of me.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 6th 2010

do you still work on Haggis and neep? haven't seen much of them in a while.

thespazicat Posted: Jul 6th 2010

yes ian, i am starting a reboot of the first episode because it didnt make much sense, with better animation, smarter jokes and more advantages with special fx. hopefully i shall be starting filming in a few weeks

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 7th 2010

Haggis & neep FTW!

Ursrut Posted: Jul 7th 2010

ah that is cool spazicat! I look forward to seeing the reboot!
My cousin has autism- it's going to be very interesting to see what he turns to for a job. I can already see that he likes to learn and is very interested in the way things work and turn. He could be a future Wallace- tinkering with new inventions.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 8th 2010

My cousin has very severe autism, he can walk just fine but is pretty much non-verbal. Yet he talks a lot. He is extremely smart though. Like once, he was asking for something but we couldn't understand him. So finally he just walks over to the TV and starts messing with all the buttons until it says "MUTE" and has no volume. Then he started coughing simultaneously.





Then he said "I want yes!" (which is how he says yes or no (I want yes and I want no))

We looked at him like whhhhat?????
And then he said, "Music! Music!"
And started shaking his hand like hurry up.

And once we went to the beach, and a bunch of kinds were staring and laughing, so my cousin knows what's going on, gulps in a bunch of water, sprays it in their eyes, and swims back bye me. These kids didn't know who they were messing with. My cousin can spit ten to fifteen feet! :D

crackin cheese Posted: Jul 8th 2010

LOL !!!!!!!!!!! yeah I once helped my mom in school (she teaches kids with autism) and I met this young lad with aspergers who could tell you exactly what number of the motor way his family took to get to his holidey home amazing !

funkycheese7000 Posted: Jul 14th 2010

A guy in my form has autism. It must be really hard, sorry. :(

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