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concon Posted: Apr 24th 2010

Okay well I want to make my own planet made with plastercine. Can someone tell me if this would work please?

1. Blow up the balloon and paper mache it. Wait until its hard.

2. Melt plastercine and then pour it over the paper mache balloon.

3. Wait until its hard then add plastercine houses, trees and other things.

Would that work? Thanks for your help. :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 26th 2010

well, step 1 would definately work!
step to would be a bit harder! why not just paint it? then add plasticine decorations like trees and houses etc.?

Is this going to be on display or just for an animation?
if its for animation i dont reccomend trying to animate on a round surface, why not just animate on a set?
if it is for display purposes then it would still be best to paint the surface, then add plasticine decorations!

By the way, its plasticine, not plastercine ;)

concon Posted: May 7th 2010

Thanks! Yeah I just wasn't sure if the plasticine would sticko the paint. :)

concon Posted: May 13th 2010

Nope. It doesn't stick to the painted paper-mache.

iantimothy Posted: May 13th 2010

melting it onto it should work
just go slow and be careful

The Aaron Shows Productions Posted: May 10th 2011

I'm not sure if that would work but I think that would be a great experiment!

cleasby99 Posted: Jul 26th 2011

it depends on what plasticine you use. I use newplast and that does not melt completely. It might just be easier to stick blobs of plasticine on the paper mache and smooth over the gaps

chicken lickin Posted: Aug 18th 2011

if i was you i would use a football or a metel frame of some-sort and smooth the plastacine over it.

Rhian38 Posted: Feb 14th 2012

Wel in yr 5 we were doing aboriginal art and we made masks and decorated them with aboriginal patterns.

1) we blew up the ballon and drew in marker where we wanted the holes to be
2) then we paper mached it
3) we waited for it to dry
4) we painted it
5) we tried to keep them on our faces very har door me coz it was way too big!!!!!!!:D

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Feb 14th 2012

u could just try superglueing the houses etc on

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