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iantimothy Posted: Apr 28th 2010

Basics Animation: Stop Motion. is the new book by Barry Purves. It is great, and i would highly recommend it. It is a look at different techniques of stop motion and how it is done. it is written well, and has great pictures. I don't know if all of you are aware of Barry's work, but he is an amazing animator. and he just seems like the nicest person. I have talked with him through email and on facebook, and he is a fan of mine! enough so that he asked if beaver creek could be used in the book. If you get it (you should) look in the section about clay. and right there is a big picture of Twigs sitting in the house with his banjo. That is definitely once of my greatest achievements. I am officially a "published" award-winning animator. I will post a picture later of the page with Beaver Creek. :D:D:D:D:D

iantimothy Posted: Apr 28th 2010

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 28th 2010

cool man

iantimothy Posted: Apr 28th 2010

iantimothy Posted: Apr 28th 2010

here is the caption

Gromits little bro Posted: Apr 29th 2010

Wow! Congratulations!
Here's a link to UK amazon

You should be so proud of yourself!!

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 29th 2010

thats absolutely amazing, and well done!!!
You are well on your way to getting noticed as an animator!!!

Seb Moderator Posted: Apr 29th 2010

Congratulations - how exciting!

Though yes, I agree with him. I saw Beaver Creek before I knew you had made it actually, and I honestly thought it was a professional animation!

concon Posted: Apr 29th 2010

Wow thats awesome! Well done!

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Apr 30th 2010

Awesome! You could be world famous now! I'm buying that.... just got to get Dad's credit card.......;)

iantimothy Posted: Apr 30th 2010

cool, it is a really good book.

Ursrut Posted: May 1st 2010

AWESOME! that is fantastic iantimothy -i will have to get an autographed version.

ajmole Posted: May 1st 2010

Congrats to you!

harryboy8080 Posted: May 1st 2010

One day you'll be the next Nick Park Ian, I am so touched and flabberguasted. :D

IAN YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: May 1st 2010

Imagine, one day, Iantimothy's name up in lights as director/producer/whatever-else of a huge animated Hollywood movie!

cavor Posted: May 1st 2010

With possible Oscar Awards looming in the near future iantimothy you will have to start writting an acceptance speach soon!! well done getting mentioned in Barry Purves new book:D

boo315 Posted: May 2nd 2010

yeah cavor your right!!!;)

iantimothy Posted: May 2nd 2010

now i just got to live up to y'alls expectations. :D

thetopbun Posted: May 4th 2010

Yay! Ian! It got into the book! (Ursrut already told me) but well done!

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