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ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: May 14th 2010

Yeah! :O

ajmole Posted: May 14th 2010

Yeah, I edited because there was A NEW TASK. Anyways...

Group W&G:
Type like Wallace. (Example: "That is quite a smashing picture lad!" "Cracking job!"

Group STS:
Type like the Farmer. Make sure to put a translation for people. (Example: "Grunt grunt, mumble. SHOUT!!"

Clay Fighter Posted: May 14th 2010

Ok, new task it is,
How long does this task go for, and do we only talk like that on this thread or all threads?

ajmole Posted: May 15th 2010

It's only this thread, lads. :)

wghtmf Posted: May 16th 2010

Clay Fighter Posted: May 16th 2010

thats what i was hoping for!!

Oh and wghtmf, you just failed the task!!

ajmole Posted: May 16th 2010

Task is over now lads!

Group W&G:
Play a game of Snow Drift and post your score for 3 points.

Group STS:
Play a game of Tractor Beams and post your score for 3 points.

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: May 16th 2010

333 - That sounds bad!

concon Posted: May 16th 2010

2151 Points on Tractor Beams

Clay Fighter Posted: May 17th 2010

my score was-
i got 692!!
first go woop!

ajmole Posted: May 26th 2010

Sheesh, I lost this for a week!

Anyways, the groups are over. You're back into your original teams.

Time for elimination! Vote for one of these people to leave.

Clay Fighter Posted: May 27th 2010


ajmole Posted: May 27th 2010

Now it is time to spin the Wheel of Fate! And it lands on.... LIVEBREATHSKI! Say your goodbyes and pack your things, because you were just FIRED!!!

New Task:
Post a picture of any food. Below the picture, put the word "Mud".

Clay Fighter Posted: May 28th 2010

here it is!!
BTW, you need to edit the first message and get rid of the teams!

concon Posted: May 28th 2010

MUD (PIE)! ;)

kldceltic Posted: May 28th 2010

1300 for me on snow drift:):D

kldceltic Posted: May 28th 2010

heres ma latest score on snow drift

ajmole Posted: May 28th 2010

That's not the task anymore kld. But 1 point for doing it late. ;)

But I did edit the page....

crackingtoast Posted: May 28th 2010

Team blobby. No offence but it's a game. There no such thing as no room left.

ajmole Posted: May 28th 2010

There is in my game. It's because if one team has 20 people, but another team only has 5, that isn't fair. ;) But your in Team Blobby CT. :)

crackingtoast Posted: May 28th 2010

Cheers. Feel free to move me if it stirs up trouble. Anyway's.

ajmole Posted: May 28th 2010


Breaking News! crackingtoast from Team Mr. Blobby has decided to move to Team Lady Gaga for no apparent reason!

Sorry to have moved you, but Team Lady Gaga needs to catch up and stuff. Team Blobby has 50 stars, Gaga has 3. XD :-(|)

Clay Fighter Posted: May 29th 2010

*Clay Fighters video diary*
today Ct moved temas, its shaking things up a bit.
I'm not sure if Ct will perform at the same level for team Gaga since he may be true to team blobby, but im not sure, i really like this weeks task...this is clayfighter over and out.

ajmole Posted: May 29th 2010

New Task!

This task you are a writer for Aardman. You must choose one of the shows below and write a script for one of the episodes/films. You get 10 points for this task. Get writing!

Shaun the Sheep
Wallace and Gromit
Timmy Time

Clay Fighter Posted: May 30th 2010


*Opening sequence*
*Morph jumps out of case, looks around....*
*He sits down, waiting for something to happen...*
*after a while he gets up, and looks for chas, he cant find him*
*morph calls for chas in the high pitched reply*
*he starts making lost posters for chas, with 'reward' on it*
*we can see chas, he is secretly following morph around, trying not to get caught*
*morph hangs up the posters, with chas following them, then, morh starts to cry as he misses chas*
*chas then turns into a box, and jumps in front of morph, who is still crying, morph sees and taps the box*
*then the box turns back into chas, and he starts laughing at Morph, pointing at him and pretending to cry*
*morph starts rambling and gets angry and walks off away from chas, who is laughing on the floor*
*Credit sequence*

(If i had the build your own morphs set i would probably make that!!

concon Posted: May 30th 2010

*Wallace and Gromit*

Wallace walks down street
See's nice lady
Asks if she is a vampire
She replies "No Im Miley Cyrus!"
Wallace replies "Oh, so you are a vampire?"
Davina McCall comes along
"Are you a vampire," Wallace askes.
"No. You have now been evicted from Waest Wallaby Street".
She hits him on the head with a chair.
Wallace wakes up in the Big Brother house.
He is quite happy.
JLS walks in. Wallace screams
Justin Beaver walks in. Wallace throws himself down the stairs near the diary room.
Suddenly Aston starts singing.
Wallace gives himself a concussion.
Gromit saves Wallace and the rest of the world by shooting the 5 terrible singers.


concon Posted: May 30th 2010

Good or what? :D

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 11th 2010

Team simon!

ajmole Posted: Jun 11th 2010

Okay STL!

Next task:
Post your favorite book title for 3 stars.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 11th 2010

~Horrible Histories~
....Acient Egypt...

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 12th 2010

'A series of unfortunate events' by lemony snicket!

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 12th 2010

Freddie Mercury
Lover Of Life
Singer Of Songs :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 25th 2010

any more tasks?

ajmole Posted: Jun 25th 2010

I hate forgetting about this.....

Next task: Post the name of your favorite TV show.

kldceltic Posted: Jun 25th 2010


Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 26th 2010

its really hard...
I shall name a few
Peanuts,transformers,original pokemon series,simpsons,family guy,smurfs etc.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Original Transformers from the 80's, Star Wars the Clone Wars, FlapJack, and Good Game Spawn.

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Horrible Histories, Shaun the Sheep, Family Guy...

101Gromit Posted: Jun 26th 2010

can i play?:-(

101Gromit Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Horrrible histories,doctor who , and hounded

ajmole Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Sorry 101Gromit. There is no more joining, as we already started!

101Gromit Posted: Jun 26th 2010

yawn is anyone still on here?

101Gromit Posted: Jun 26th 2010

oh ok ill just watch

101Gromit Posted: Jun 26th 2010


concon Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Shaun The Sheep, X Factor, The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants and loads more.

Miley05 Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Ajmole! Remember me? Since I'm your bud... (you would probaly say no to this) ...can I join? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Oh, when i said transformers i meant the 80's series!!
(I edited it just incase anyone got confused with the new series...:sad:)

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