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shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 30th 2010

Concon type in "Halo 2 Hidden message" on YouTube it's awesome...

concon Posted: Jun 30th 2010

I'd rather not. ;)

concon Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

Leaving for my holiday tommorrow, I'll be back next Saturday. Byeeeeeee!

concon Posted: Jul 10th 2010

Im back. :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 10th 2010

Uhh Ohh! :O:D JK

concon Posted: Jul 11th 2010

Can you guys click these please? You don't have to do anything except click.

Thanks. :)



Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 12th 2010


concon Posted: Jul 12th 2010

Im not!

ajmole Posted: Jul 12th 2010

Well, this is concon's blog. He can post it if he wants to post it on his blog.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 12th 2010

True Dat. But you are kind of putting it everywhere....

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 12th 2010

yes, repeating a message is spam, and ajmole, if i made a blog that doesnt mean i could swear or break any other rules does it?

ajmole Posted: Jul 13th 2010

No, but I think he can post it here and not anywhere else that doesn't have to do with his online 'pets'.

concon Posted: Jul 13th 2010

I posted it on this and one other thread. :L

Anyway SBB auditions now on!

ajmole Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Shaun and the Ewe Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Sorry, task for SBB3, the head is horrible! Also, I will post later fish fingers in custard!

Shaun and the Ewe Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Here you go, fish fingers in custard! :D

funkycheese7000 Posted: Jul 27th 2010

For Sheep Big Brother...

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