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nam man06 Posted: May 1st 2010


kldceltic Posted: May 1st 2010

haha i have windows vista:)

Purple&Brown Posted: May 1st 2010

I have windows 7 too! ;)

concon Posted: May 1st 2010

Im a PC and Windows 7 was MY idea.

ajmole Posted: May 1st 2010

No, Windows 7 was MY idea!

Windows 7 is good. It's not on the computer in my room though.

Nathan M Posted: May 1st 2010

I have a windows 7, AND ITS BRILL :D


I love Bitzer Posted: May 1st 2010

I've Windows 7, too!

Nathan M Posted: May 1st 2010

OMG windows 7 rock!! :D:)

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: May 2nd 2010

I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was Microsofts idea.;)

mortmort Posted: Oct 28th 2010

I've only got windows vista!:'(

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 28th 2010

7 is way better than vista although OS X Snow Leopard would be nice...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 28th 2010

my grandmaw done got some 7

kldceltic Posted: Oct 30th 2010

on the pc downstairs is windows 7:D

iantimothy Posted: Oct 30th 2010

GLB, you are very right, OS X snow leopard is very very nice.

the mag Posted: Oct 30th 2010

i have A DELL VOSTRO 1510

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