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KayLax10 Posted: May 1st 2010

So I live in America and we speak a little different and everything, but here are some questions I had about W&G:

Where did the name Gromit come from?
Where did the name Victor Quartermaine come from?
For most of the women in the movies is the big hair for laughs? Becuase it is kind of funny...

can anyone answer these questions?
post your own!

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: May 4th 2010

I have deleted the posts below as noone has answered KayLax's questions!

Can anyone have a go?

ben 2 Posted: May 4th 2010

Wallace and gromit was made by nick park who lives in the uk and works at aardman studios im not sure wht victor is but i am sure that the hair dues are funny LOL

ajmole Posted: May 4th 2010

I don't know. And KirstenW, noone is not a word. ;)

But I am wondering why Wallace has no last name. He must have one. Does Nick Park know????

iantimothy Posted: May 4th 2010

i think there is a whole thread about that s'm'where 'round here. I don't think an'one came to any conclusions.

ajmole Posted: May 4th 2010

Yeah, there was. We still don't know the answer.

Seb Moderator Posted: May 5th 2010

1) The name 'Gromit; came from Nick Park's brother - who was always using 'grommets' in his work.

2) The 'Art of Wallace and Gromit' book shows how Nick Park drafted loads of different names, many similar to 'Victor Quartermaine', before deciding on it. Therefore he probably just played about with words to get the best effect.

3) Wendolene is basically Wallace with a wig (!!), so it was about keeping to the original style and getting laughs. Lady Tottington went through a few hair styles in 'The Art of Wallace and Gromit', so she probably was like that for laughs. Piella was like that just about from the very beginning, I think it was probably to get the effect of bread piled up (so Wallace could make the image of her from the dough, as seen in the film.)

Hope that helps! :)

KayLax10 Posted: May 5th 2010

thanks Seb!

KayLax10 Posted: May 15th 2010

I have another question....
Can I post my game that's on the General Chat on this forum? Please just say yes or no you don't have to get mad.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 15th 2010

Only W&G and Art related content is allowed on this Forum.

I've got one,
Where did the idea for Wallaces house number and street come from?

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