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DancingShauny99 Posted: May 3rd 2010

bonjour my fellow friends, how are we this fine evening in time?
i have missed you all so much, i'm very glad to be back. anyone fancy a goold ol' catch up?

missed you..
DS99 x

kldceltic Posted: May 3rd 2010


ive missed you to ds99:)

altergromit Posted: Jun 5th 2010

Hello to everybody, I'm a kind of "new" 'cause I'm not here often, but I wanna wave all of you!! :D ...Why my message is not visible yet?...

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 5th 2010

Ummm.... hi....

Fish Posted: Jun 5th 2010

Welcome back DS99!

altergromit Posted: Jun 5th 2010

I cannot post anything, I mean,I did it but it seems like it is not visible... ....What can I do?....:-(

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 5th 2010

we can see your posts!!
Its just they have a little banner over the message because your new, your under modertaion!
Dont worry, people can click on the red strip across your message and the message appears!
you will be off moderation in a week or two!


altergromit Posted: Jun 6th 2010

....Thank you for the explanation! ...I also posted a picture for the contest but it seems like I didn't... ...So I think it is the same reason... ...I'll wait! :)
Thank you, "bark"!!! :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 6th 2010

no altergromit, thats not the reason at all!!!

It hasnt uploaded because its the weekend, and the aardman staff dont work on weekends, and they have to approve the pictures, so by monday or tuesday the picture will be up!

altergromit Posted: Jun 6th 2010

Oh, ok, thanks a lot! ...You're very kind! :D

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 6th 2010

Yeah, they have to check that no inappropriate content is added to the site....

altergromit Posted: Jun 6th 2010

"Hi" to you too!

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 10th 2010

Welcome back DS99!
And a Big Welcome to you too Altergromit!

altergromit Posted: Jun 10th 2010

Thank you, nice to meet you!! :D

kldceltic Posted: Jun 10th 2010


altergromit Posted: Jun 10th 2010

But again, same thing... ...Still "Team have not yet approved this message"... ...Is it always this way? ...I don't mind, it is ok, just I would like to understand... ...And it is not a week-end... ...I feel a bit... ....SLOW!! *giggle* |-)

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 11th 2010

i think it lasts for 2 weeks...if not a month!

KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 11th 2010

altergromit - it won't last forever, you just needed to have your messages appoved by us for a while as you hadn't posted much on the forums. Hope you're enjoying the site (and I like you avatar! ;) )

altergromit Posted: Jun 11th 2010

Oh, so when I'll be "old enough" here in the site it will be easier, right? |-) It is understandable! ...I love the site! :D
...I made my avatar by myself, thank you! :D

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