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VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 9th 2010

Well, I thought considering there is a general chat forum why not make a thread about Walt Disney World, one of my favourite places in the world! Here you can post your own experiences, whether you've been to Orlando, Paris etc. What are your favourite rides, shows etc. Did you find it inspiring/ influential!???

I've not been for many years but it was absolutely amazing, I went in 2000, the millennium, first year of the spectacular fireworks and parades in Epcot, Orlando! Truly breathtaking!

Anyone been recently or in the past!?;)

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2010

I love Disney, we go every year with my grandparents mom, aunt and cousin. I think it is one of the best places in the world. You know how at the Magic Kindgom, they have the opening ceremony, where they have the singing and dancing, and a family comes out and "opens the park" we got to do that last year, one of the best things ever. We got a private tour around the park before it opened, anyone who has been there must know how weird it would be to see it empty. then we got to ride the train with all the charcters (yes, I am **teen and i still find that fun) and we got off the train and got to wave to 15,000 people. Everyone at Disney is so nice.

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2010

Anyone who has been to the Magic Kindgom, what is you favorite of the seven lands?
Main Street
Mickey's ToonTown Fair
Liberty Square

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2010

timmythesheep848 Posted: May 9th 2010

I went a couple years ago to Euro disney :P It was very fun! The whole place is like magical

concon Posted: May 9th 2010

I love Disneyland Paris! :)

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 9th 2010

@Ian, Main Street!
The parades are amazing, Ian did you go in the old vintage car at the beginning of the parade! like the one below:

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2010

no we rode into the train station on the Lilly Belle and waved from the platform. Never been in the Parade, but their parades are great... wait... thats wrong.... EVERYTHING they do is great.

iantimothy Posted: May 9th 2010

Speaking of trains, I love the WDW Railroad. You could say I am a railfan, real and model trains. And the great old steamers they have at Disney are great, I love just riding around the park on them, and the Monorail.

KayLax10 Posted: May 9th 2010

i wanna go sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KayLax10 Posted: May 9th 2010

the one in orlando as i live in the USA

Clay Fighter Posted: May 10th 2010

it seems like a truelly magical place but...ive never been :-(
has anyone ever played the game toontown?

timmythesheep848 Posted: May 10th 2010

The Parades are Very good! The floats are cool





Has any of you guys been to one of the electric light parades at night? i havent!





VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 10th 2010

Yeah the train around Magic Kingdom is awesome!
If you go on google street view and go around the back of the Magic Kingdom, you'll see the walt disney track crossing the road and into the train maintenance building!

The monorails are great! I love the hotel with the monorail running through it!!
Chef Mickeys!!! Had my Bday there in 2002!:D

iantimothy Posted: May 10th 2010

hehe yeah, the contemporary hotel is cool. We always stay at the polynesian hotel, which is next to the contemporary, and is on the monorail route. It is a great hotel, man made beach, right across from the magic kingdom (you can watch the fireworks) and it has a great theme.

iantimothy Posted: May 10th 2010

hey vincent what is your favorite ride?

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 10th 2010

Ah cool, yeah I stayed at All Star Movie Complex and also a few hotels south of Magic Kingdom! My favourite ride would have to be either 'Its a Small World' or runaway train!

iantimothy Posted: May 10th 2010

it's hard for me to choose, I love all of them, I break it into categories my favorite rides are probably splash mountain, small world, peter pan or jungle cruise. Then there are the shows, I love the Country Bear Jamboree, Hall of Presidents and the Carousel of Progress. Then there are some of the other attractions like Tom Sawyer Island, The Liberty Square River Boat. Hmmm I think i could have probably just said everything they have there..... but you get my point. Sometimes we like just to wander around the park... I like Frontierland/Liberty Square, and Mainstreet.

Clay Fighter Posted: May 11th 2010

the toy stry float looks awesome!

VincentAnimations01 Posted: May 11th 2010

My favourite float:
(Note how the bottom film reel on the right is made of mesh, its the drivers cabin)

concon Posted: May 11th 2010

I LOVE the Wikipedia page "Incidents At Disney Parks"!! >:-)

Grumblefish Posted: May 31st 2010

Seriously you should check out History Channel's Modern Marvels program on the actual construction of Walt Disney World. It is amazing how it was built.

iantimothy Posted: May 31st 2010

We leave tomorrow!!!!!! I can't wait... I love Disney. I don't think I could take having a week not animating, unless it's Disney World. The hotel has Wi-fi, so I can be on here a little bit. I leave about this time tomorrow.

thetopbun Posted: May 31st 2010

Have a great time! Make sure you take some pictures!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 1st 2010

have fun fun fun!!!
i sooo envy you!!

iantimothy Posted: Jun 8th 2010

I had a great time! We did a lot of great stuff! My favorite thing?????? Hmmm! I really don't know, my aunt and I love all of the little secrets and trivia! probably my favorite thing I did was driving the "Liberty Belle," the Liberty Square Riverboat. Not really, it is on a track, BUT if you ask the captain nicely he will let you go up in the cabin of the boat. The captain was really nice, He let me spin the wheel a couple times (again on a track) but my favorite part was the whistle, It is a real steam boat, so I got to blow the whistle three times!! Yeah I love steam travel... I got to be the guest conductor on the train... not really much more than getting to say "ALL ABOARD!" but it was still fun.
It is really hard to think of my favorite things, I really do think it is the best place in the world.

Alrighty folks here's something for all y'all animators. At the Disney Hollywood Studios park, there were two special guests sitting at a little table, They were two people from the Disney ink and paint department. I talked to them for about 15 minutes about animation, and my stuff, and their stuff. I gave them the links to Beaver Creek, they said they would check it out. :D
One of them was Lynn Rippberger, here is her on IMDB
Then I can't remember the other guy's name, it was Jason (can't remember his last name)

We also saw the first night of the comeback of the original electric light parde at the magic kingdom.

All around good trip.

Then.... I have to get up at 5:00 AM tomorrow!!! Then I go to New York for my awards.

timmythesheep848 Posted: Apr 27th 2011

I think I am going to DLRP in November!

timmythesheep848 Posted: Sep 19th 2011


Looking for December in Disneyland Paris. Main-St-USA500.jpg

Christmas Season looks truly magical.
Nothing compared to Florida or California but still...

Christmas Events:

Sleeping Beauty Castle transforms into an Ice Palace.
Snowflakes & Magical Decor on Main Street.
One of the tallest Christmas Trees ever.
Meet n greet with Santa in his toy workshop.
An unforgettable ceremony and a glimmering, shimmering night time parade!




timmythesheep848 Posted: Apr 11th 2013

I arrive back this week from a weekend I DLP
The nighttime show dreams was amazing!

Wallace and Gromit Mastermind Posted: Apr 11th 2013

i have been from hon kong disneyland.  i like the tomorrowland and toy story land!  we are going back there on monday.  hope there would be a wallace and gromit land, or an aardman land. haha.

daisychimp Posted: Apr 11th 2013

I went to Disney land agess ago when I was 6 or something so I couldn't go on many rides!

I love roller costers so much though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been to blackpool pleasure beach 3 times and Alton towers once! :)
Anyway getting back to the subject, even though I couldn't go on many rides because I was to small, I loved Disney world anyway! I dunno if we'll go again though..... it was ages ago!  

timmythesheep848 Posted: Apr 11th 2013

Ahh hong kong the newest park (:
Paris has the playland 

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