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katie Aardman Staff Posted: May 10th 2010


Wear your Pyjamas with Pride on Friday 25th June, to help sick children in hospitals and hospices. Join thousands of people across the UK by wearing your Pyjamas for charity and donating £1 for the right to look wrong!

Register now and receive a fantastic, free fundraising pack to use on the day! Also, a host of Pyjama party games and activities will be available to download on the Wrong Trousers Day website; including a Wallace & Gromit activity pack!

Register now at:

boo315 Posted: May 10th 2010


concon Posted: May 10th 2010

Woot! I love Wrong Trousers day! :D

Ursrut Posted: May 10th 2010

Hmmm day after i leave school- i'm just going to have to wear my pyjama bottoms around town :D ( i hope it isn't cold!)

joemhewitt Posted: May 10th 2010

Woohoo! Let's raise some money!

skalouis Posted: May 11th 2010

i did it last year it was great:)

Gromits little bro Posted: May 11th 2010

Ursrut I leave school on thurs...

Gromit lad Posted: May 11th 2010

What about US? I cant wear pajama bottoms to school, but ill proudly do that around neighborhood!

kldceltic Posted: May 12th 2010

i might do it:D:);)

iantimothy Posted: May 12th 2010

wait... is that how y'all Brits spell pajamas?

concon Posted: May 13th 2010

Yes. We spell it THE NORMAL WAY. Y'all. 0:)

ajmole Posted: May 13th 2010

In England it's pronounced pie-jamas? We pronounce them pa-jamas. |-)

crispywispy Posted: May 15th 2010

lie in

concon Posted: May 22nd 2010

No its P-Jamas.

kldceltic Posted: May 23rd 2010

i call it pjs:D

altergromit Posted: Jun 10th 2010

...Too bad I can't do it 'cause I don't live in UK! :-(

Miley05 Posted: Jun 22nd 2010

that is so sweet for them to do it! :D

Miley05 Posted: Jun 24th 2010

i'm doin' it tommorow for them. |-)

This is just a random pic. ;)

Miley05 Posted: Jun 24th 2010

P.S. Sorry, i can't donate stuff though :-(

Lola1990 Posted: Jul 1st 2010

That is so sweet for you to make "Wrong Trousers Day" because sometimes when I go on the computer, I do it with my PJs on. :)

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