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harryboy8080 Posted: May 12th 2010

Anyone else get that sensation when you run? I looooooove to run. Especially barefoot. After todays track meet I nearly passed out......lesson learned......don't fully sprint the 800 meter

CrazyClub Posted: Apr 11th 2011

I dont and i still dont get what you are evern trying to say. But when i run the wind is always going in my face.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 21st 2011

i love to 2 run i cant run very fast but i love running barefoot ;)

chicken lickin Posted: Apr 22nd 2011

I only run when i'm walking my dog and he see FOOD, he drags me and i end up running, he loves food like me really!!!!

Fish Posted: Apr 24th 2011

Your dog is just like MY dog, chicken licken. He is big, and can drag me if he smells or sees something suddenly.:O

harryboy8080, I love to run, too. I'm not a very fast runner, but I know about the runner's high - have had it several times. It's awesome...hard to describe. :)

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 24th 2011

Haha Fish thats the same with my dog except she is TINY! yet, she is very strong and persistent!

Fish Posted: Apr 25th 2011

Whay kind of dog do you have, Clay Fighter? She sounds like she is very active and fun even if she pulls you sometimes.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 25th 2011

I have to make my dog Marvin run

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 26th 2011

Hey Fish!
My dog Maggie is a Bitza!
Yeah, she is a cross of many dogs!
She is a bit bigger than a chiuhaha(SP?) and Has the colour markings of a Rottweiler, she has a few other distinct characteristics aswell.

Fish Posted: Apr 26th 2011

That's funny, mmasonghi studios. What breed of dog is Marvin?

Hey Clay Fighter! Maggie is mighty! Do you have a picture of her?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 27th 2011

Fish Posted: Apr 28th 2011

Marvin is way cute! I wonder why he doesn't like walks...

mmasonghi studios Posted: Apr 29th 2011

He likes it sometimes :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 29th 2011

here :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Apr 29th 2011 didnt load

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