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gromit go for him Posted: May 18th 2010

does anyone have pictures of wallaces replacement mouths i only have oo o th and some others but theyre not labled

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 7th 2010

would this be helpful

fateme Posted: Jun 16th 2010

do you have other mouth?

fateme Posted: Jun 17th 2010

is it a miss is mouth

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 17th 2010

I Can't Understand your wrighting :-(

fateme Posted: Jun 18th 2010

im sorry
realy sorry
i mean do you have a womans mouth?
this one is not good!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 18th 2010

No sorry :-(

fateme Posted: Jun 19th 2010

i need one.
i m making animation that need s some mouth.
i need the woman of matter and loaf s mouth

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 19th 2010

uhh I Might Have Piellas mouth shape let me look real quik

fateme Posted: Jun 20th 2010

so if youhave send me one

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 6th 2010

I'm sorry bout leving you out on a limb like that but i can't find it mabey some more looking......................

fateme Posted: Aug 18th 2010

thanks.i made one myself and it is very i need help about making eyes and Armatures.could you help me?

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 19th 2010

fateme Posted: Aug 20th 2010

thnk you very much.i have seen the
This Is A Good Wire One
but the other was new i will check it out

gromit go for him Posted: Sep 19th 2010

ive got one with womens mouths

fateme Posted: Nov 17th 2010

could u plz share it

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