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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: May 19th 2010


Wallace & Gromit are on their next big adventure, this time travelling across the UK raising awareness about Wrong Trousers Day!

The inventive pair will be donning their pyjamas this week and visiting 9 cities around the UK, giving cheques to hospitals and hospices from the money raised on last year’s Wrong Trouser Day. The event itself will be on Friday 25th June, when everyone is encouraged to wear their pyjamas to school or work and pay £1 to help raise money for local children’s hospitals and hospices throughout the country.

Wallace & Gromit along with staff from Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Foundation, who are hosting the event, will be travelling to Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Newcastle Nottingham and Oxford all of this week. Keep an eye out for the brightly coloured Wrong Trousers vehicle, and don’t forget to get your pj’s ready for Wrong Trousers Day!

Find out more about Wrong Trousers Day >>

concon Posted: May 19th 2010

Oh cool! Sadly I never go into Glasgow. :(

Gromit lad Posted: May 19th 2010

Concon- atleast you'll have a reason to! LOL

By the way, its cool that they made W&G go out and help........ I myself wouldnt mind being gromit or wallace.... !!!!!!! That sounds weird!!! Wallace and gromit..... better.....

+ just noticed that wallace was wearing PJ's with his costume, cool!

lad (Ive been off for some time........ er 2 days... ??)

concon Posted: May 20th 2010

lad - True, but I would never see them anyway. D:

SockEyeSalmon Posted: May 25th 2010

Once again, Manchester and Stockport miss out :-(

Ursrut Posted: May 25th 2010

The home of wallace and gromit miss out as well.

SockEyeSalmon Posted: May 25th 2010

That's even more scandalous, Ursrut :-(

Ursrut Posted: May 26th 2010

ah well c'est le vie! at least other people will be able to see them and raise the publicity for this great charity!

kldceltic Posted: Jun 24th 2010

am staying off school so i cannot do it:-(:'(:O

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