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potsy Posted: May 29th 2010

hi guys can you give ma a tour of the wallace and gromit website?

iantimothy Posted: May 29th 2010

Sure! Just call me Ian. Do you do any animation, or just love W&G.
I have been on this site since about three months after it was made. I am one of the oldest remaining members. I do animation... you can check em out here
the series is called Beaver Creek
they are pretty popular on the site, you can also check my Beaver Creek Five thread for updates on my new one. I am sure you will get to know some other members of the site. It is Great

There are six different forums, each one is a little different.
first is
Wallace and Gromit Chat- This is for Wallace & Gromit stuff. A lot of people on the website are animators, so this forum is also for any thing else animation related

next is General Chat- Pretty much anything within the house rules can be done here.

then there is Latest News- this can be updated by the web moderators, Katie, and kirsten.

fourthly there is Wallace & Gromit Favorites- This is for favorite stuff, pretty obvious.

then there is Arts, Crafts & Cookery- This one isn't used as much... Sort of for crafts and other things.

finally Your Reviews- well... the name implies.

mmasonghi studios Posted: May 29th 2010

Hi you can cal me M studios
I'm Working On A animation called Ducky Town its not finneshed yet but i have good intentions :D here is a picture of him

Clay Fighter Posted: May 30th 2010

I do a few animations!
I have made 2 animation with my character scott the slug,
I also have some other clay animation videos and a lego animation video

Welcome to the website!
I hope your here for a long time and make lots of friends here!!

boo315 Posted: May 30th 2010

Im Boo315 I don't have any animations(yet) but I hope you have fun on the forum;)

Gromits little bro Posted: May 30th 2010


thetopbun Posted: May 30th 2010

Haha GLB!

I am a GOD at CGI animation (I think at least) I know I am very modest. But I am one of the nicest guys on the forum apparently... I have my sources...

I don't have youtube.

Welcome to the site and we are all sure you will get along! :)


timmythesheep848 Posted: May 30th 2010

Hey Potsy
Welcome to the forum!

crackingtoast Posted: May 30th 2010

Hey i'm CT.
I'm an unagreeble person of the forum,and i've caused the locking of many threads and I've been involved in lots of arguments. That's a good first impression,isn't it? Lovely :D

But I'm also an ameuter Film-maker. I do animation (Stop motion,2D and sometimes CGI) and also live action films such as my doctor who fan-films which can be found on youtube. I'm a big fantatic of The Beatles, Doctor Who and Gorrilaz. I'm at the moment working on a 20 minutes Walalce and gromit film called The Mysterious Monkey,TMM for short,which involves Wallace and Gromit getting a job at the zoo and getting into alot of trouble. I'm a bit of a loser in real life,but here i'm a reincarnation of Jebus,in my own mind atleast:D. So hello and welcome!

thetopbun Posted: May 30th 2010

Haha CT!

nam man06 Posted: May 30th 2010


KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 3rd 2010

Hi potsy, welcome to, it looks like you're in good hands already! Enjoy the site and if you have any questions, just ask!

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 9th 2010

Hey potsy! Welcome to the forums.
You can call me STL. I've done many lego Animations which you can find on my OLDer blog. Which might I add, Clay Fighter is a moderator on it. :)
I'm also working on a new Feature Lenght animation called Sector 43. And I'm writing a book called Julariis 12.
I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends, everyone here is really friendly.
I hope you enjoy your time here!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 10th 2010

whats julariis 12 about?

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 10th 2010

It's some what like Sector 43... Same aliens, diferent storyline.
:) I'll post it on my blog once I finish.
Here's what the main Human weapon will look like!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 11th 2010

oh okay!
ur havent stole my book ideas that i told u about on msn did u???
lol, i dont mind if u did, but do tell me if so ;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 11th 2010

No I didn't.
It was a school project that turned out quite well so I added some more depth into the storyline.

sudoos Posted: Jun 12th 2010

yo potsy

potsy Posted: Jul 8th 2010

yeah sup

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 8th 2010

Hello Potsy! Welcome to the site! I am kind-of cool.... I don't want to sound to cocky now. I guess instead of telling you what I am like, I'll let the next few members do that for me.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 8th 2010

Harryboy8080 is epic. 'Nuff said.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 8th 2010

Oh yea :D

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 19th 2010

Harryboy likes AWESOME music.

potsy Posted: Aug 18th 2010


Jamie Gomersall Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Hey Potsy. The name's Jamie. I hope you enjoy the site. This is a wonderful place for all animators and fans of animation to congregate. I see you're a dr who fan. We've got something in common :) have agreat time on the site.

wallace05 Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

oh look, woopy strikes again

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Oooh yes you're a doctor who fan aswell Potsy. Awesome. Same here. And who is this Dark Wooper guy. I can't remember the first time he came on here. and seriously. I hate people on the internet who are always full of themselves,putting rubbish down and thinking there all clever,then going and coming back and thinking it's all epic. It's not. 'Potsy Pants'? That's ever so mature,isn't it? How old are you? 5?

Nathan M Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

well said crackingtoast :)

potsy Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Dark wooper is really strange he allways swears

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