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timmythesheep848 Posted: May 30th 2010

And welcome to The Google Translate Game!
Here is how you play:

First go to and start in English. Type a sentence it can be random! Then translate it into any language of your choice! E.g Spanish,French,German ECT. Then Once you have translated your sentence copy and paste what it is translated to in the text box and then translate it into another language (not english though) and carry on doing that making sure its not translated into english when you think you have done it enough translate what you have into English then post what you have got! It is Normally very random!

But While you are Translating please type what you did: So
if i translated it
into spanish,german,French,Greek and Arabic you would post:
[spanish] [french] [greek] [Arabic] [English]

Ok so start Translating Google style xD


timmythesheep848 Posted: May 30th 2010



timmythesheep848 Posted: May 30th 2010

Start: I have two Dogs.

[Dutch] [Finnish] [French] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Italian] [Bulgarian] [Persian] [Dutch] [Malay] [Thai] [Icelandic] [Russian] [Greek] [Serbian] [Hindi] [Catalan] [Danish] [Latvian]

Finish: Mine is the Hund


concon Posted: May 30th 2010

English: Cheryl Cole goes woot woot!

Hindu: चेरिल कोल woot woot जाता है!

English again: Cheryl Cole goes woot woot!

It never changed. :/

timmythesheep848 Posted: May 30th 2010

Concon- Your supposed to Translate it back to English xD

concon Posted: May 31st 2010

I get it now. I'll try again:


[Hindi] [French] [Japanese] [Irish] [Spanish] [Chinese] [Greek] [German]


Well this game is rubbish...

timmythesheep848 Posted: Jun 1st 2010

Oh well it worked on another forum xD NVM

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 8th 2010

Das ist gut.
That is good.
Ich habe gutten deutshe.
I have good german.
Ein dunkofp.
A pinhead.
That was all my sloppy translation. :D

timmythesheep848 Posted: Jun 8th 2010

.... your supposed to do MEGA translating!

wghtmf Posted: Jun 8th 2010

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 8th 2010

Yahoo! Translator:
I am Clash...
[Italian] [French] [Dutch] [French again] [Portugese] [English]
They it its disagreement…


Google Translate:
[Italian] [French] [Dutch] [French again] [Portugese] [English]

They Clash ...

Well, at least it's not as bad as the Yahoo! version...

ajmole Posted: Jun 8th 2010

With Yahoo! Babel Fish...

Start: Corn is great.
Japanese: トウモロコシは大きい。
Back into English: The corn is large.
And in Japanese again: トウモロコシは大きい。
And once again in English: The corn is large.

Usually when you put it in Japanese and back into English for the 2nd time, it changes.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Jul 18th 2010

Original text - The fish was eating crisps.
Dutch - De vis at chips.
French - Le poisson a mangé les puces.
Greek - Το ψάρι έχει φάει τους ψύλλους.
English - The fish has eaten the fleas.


wghtmf Posted: Jul 26th 2010

Original: One day there was a giraffe it turned into a hammer.
English: One day there was a giraffe is a hammer.

ajmole Posted: Jul 26th 2010

Original: I like Pikachu
(Japanese) (Polish) (Chinese) (English)
Came out as: I like Pikachu

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 26th 2010

They sometimes turn out funny because they say words differently in different parts of world. Like it Spanish countries, they say dog brown, instead of brown dog, etc.

wghtmf Posted: Jul 27th 2010

And in Welsh, and in French...

I should know, because I am Welsh and we have French lessons at school. ;)

Jum Posted: Aug 1st 2010

I am Jum
In Dutch:Ik amJum
In French: Je am Jum
Pie is yummy
In Dutch: Pie is yekker
In Italian: Pie é yummy

Jum Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Birds are cool
In German: Vögel sind cool
In Norwegian: Fugler er kule
Around the world
In German: Rund um die Welt
In Norwegian: Rundt om i verden

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 1st 2010

jum, you did it wrong! |-)

Jum Posted: Aug 2nd 2010

I don't get this game then. :-|

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