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concon Posted: Jun 5th 2010

Want to see 53 unknown Lady Gaga songs? A few you MAY have heard (Chillin', Disco Heaven, Video Phone). Here they are: (ignore the numbers, they are wrong)

23. Again Again
24. Big Girl Now ft. New Kids on the Block
25. Blueberry Kisses
26. Captivated (live)
27. Chillin' [Wale ft. Gaga]
28. Christmas Tree
29. Dirty Ice Cream
30. Disco Heaven
31. Distortion ft. David Guetta
32. Do Me Right [Valeria ft. Gaga]
33. Don't Give Up [The Midway State ft. Gaga]
34. Electric Kiss (live)
35. Fashion
36. Fever
37. Filthy Pop
38. Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)
39. Fountain of Truth (from PORTAL IN THE POND)
40. Future Love
41. Glamorous Life (not really a song, just talking)
42. Glamour Zombie
43. Glitter & Grease (2 live versions)
44. Greatest
45. Hollywood (live)
46. Kaboom ft. Kaleena
47. Kandy Life
48. Let Love Down
49. Let Them Hoes Fight [Trina ft. Gaga]
50. Monsta ft. Ray Lavender
51. Murder My Heart [Michael Bolton ft. Gaga]
52. No Floods
53. No Way
54. Oh Well
55. One Chance ft. Chris Brown & more
56. Red & Blue
57. Reloaded
58. Retro Dance Freak
59. Retro Physical
60. Ribbons
61. Rock Show
62. Second Time Around
63. Sexy Ugly
64. Shake Ur Kitty
65. Situation Can't Go Right ft. Asher Roth
66. Something Crazy
67. Sometimes
68. Superstar
69. Then You'd Love Me
70. Vanity
71. Video Phone [Beyonce ft. Gaga]
72. Wish You Were Here
73. Wonderful
74. Words
75. Wunderland

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 6th 2010


crackingtoast Posted: Jun 6th 2010

I won a bet on my school bus a while ago that I could name 120 beatles songs. I loved it when the person betting I couldn't do it's smile slowly went down to a frown.

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 6th 2010

I did 79 Queen songs on a school bus back to London a few weeks back.... The people who betted against me's faces went from this: |-) to this: :O . WOHOO! I got £25, 62p and a button :)

ajmole Posted: Jun 6th 2010

LOL, when I opened this thread, it said "Page -1," "Page 1" and "Page 2."

concon Posted: Jun 6th 2010

Im going to listen to EVERYONE of these songs! :D

concon Posted: Jun 9th 2010

No but yopu can listen to the songs for free on youtube.

crackingtoast Posted: Jun 9th 2010

Be sure to watch them on the official channel for the songs. They will be in better quality and it won't be as illegal

concon Posted: Jun 9th 2010

You can' watch them on the official channel. They aren't there. :L

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 10th 2010

Ones that aren't legal soon get removed by YouTube or House of GaGa or Sony or whatever. I was addicted to a non-official version of this, and one day I switched on and it had been removed
Madonna should have been muted.

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