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Gromit lad Posted: Jun 6th 2010

I was watching A matter of loaf and death(AMOLAD) when the scene where Peilla is saying shes light as a feather and falling while on the balloon into the crocodile tank and gets eaten, notice in the background I saw one penguin all alone, Mcgraw. See for ur selfs lol!!!!!!

lad spotted a penguin

boo315 Posted: Jun 7th 2010

I saw him when they were driving into the zoo

Gromit lad Posted: Jun 7th 2010

I gotta see that part.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 7th 2010

A saw him when i frist saw the movie >:-)

kameatrix Posted: Jun 7th 2010

Oh yeah! He's lurking in the shadows of the rocks, just after the Bake-o-Lite Balloon has gone! He also appears at the zoo near the start on a 'wanted' poster on the outer wall, just beside a rope...

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 8th 2010

please guys, there has been about 7 of these threads.....

Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 8th 2010

I was waiting for someone to inform them of that :D

Gromit lad Posted: Jun 10th 2010

thanks. I Guess I'll just have to browse more before I take up more space!

lad still wishes there was a :gromit1lad: emotion

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