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Gromit lad Posted: Jun 6th 2010

I just got my first animation stop motion software( CLAYMATION STUDIO * BY honestech) It asks for a capture device to do onion shots and backgrounds and etc.
What does it mean by this? I have a Kodak zoom camera, would this work?

lad needs your help ( more from the animation people...... good..... exprt..... people........ :) )

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 8th 2010

Because i use Claymation studio 2.0!!
okay, so a capture device is the camera that you use
with claymation studio you must capture the frames in the program... so you cant take the pictures with ur camera, and then upload them into the software...
so unless you have a firewire cable or the cable that came with your camera can connect into your computer and let you take pictures your kodak camera wont work and you will need a webcamera...
if,however, you can connect your camera into the pc using either the cable that came with it or a firewire cable then you have no problem, just plug in your camera!
if you cant take pictures while ur camera is plugged into the pc and you dont have a firewire camera then you cannot use that camera, and you may need to use a webcam, oir buy a firewire cable!!
happy animating,

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