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poopstick Posted: Jun 17th 2010

"Angry Birds" is the most popular paid app for iPhone/iPod Touch in the iTunes Store and the second most top grossing. It is a strategy game where you have a certain number of birds in each level, all with different powers. To complete the level you have to destroy all the evil green pigs.

Types of Birds

Red - No special power
Blue - Tap once to multiply bird into three
Yellow - Tap once to make bird go faster
Black - Tap once to make bird explode
Green - Tap once to make bird go backwards

There are three chapters in "Angry Birds". "Poached Eggs", "Mighty Hoax" and "Danger Above". There are also 10 "Golden Eggs" hidden throughout the game.

Below is a leaderboard with all 3 chapters plus the Golden Eggs. Post how many stars you have earned in each of the chapters and how many secret stars you have earned in the Golden Eggs level.

Poached Eggs (out of 189)

1. poopstick - 140

Mighty Hoax (out of 126)

1. poopstick - 72

Danger Above (out of 90)

1. poopstick - 54

Golden Eggs (out of 10)

1. poopstick - 8


If you have any hints/tips you would like to share, please post them.

evastar7 Posted: Aug 27th 2011

i have heard of angrey birds!

wallace05man Posted: Aug 28th 2011

i am a big fan of angry birds. now there is Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio

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