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iantimothy Posted: Jun 18th 2010

Most people on here do some sort of animation, or model making. But I thought it would be kinda fun to see what other stuff people like to do.

I'll start. When I am not animating I am probably doing one of either two things, first is playing with trains. Yep, I am a model train person, I love little miniatures and things, and that goes long with it. I have 2 HO scale locomotives, on a 5x8 foot board. complete with a station, mountain tunnel, forest, bears, and of course beavers.
which takes us right into my second major interest, nature watching, especially wetlands, I can spend hours sitting on the bank of a creek watching animals, My favorite things are the beavers, muskrats, and turtles I also love birds of prey, hawks, falcons osprey, vultures, etc.

Not normal interests, for **teen year old boys, but I love both of them.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 18th 2010

I Like to draw and also play on computers I also like puppets

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 18th 2010

I am an artist and I collect LEGO. I am a Star Wars fanatic. I am a HUGE audiophile (look up the meaning of that if you don't know what it means ). Besides animation, I am know throughout my city for the movies I create. I like Albert Einstein and his work, so I have 3 posters of him in my room. My athletic skills are very poor..... the worst sports player in my class. I still try. I am the fastest though, and enjoy track and field aIot. I stink at sports but in the academics field I succeed. I like much more..... I just don't really am feeling like writing a whole page at this moment.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 19th 2010

I am passionate about drama,love to draw, love playing sims 2, lovce spending time with my guinea pig, and go on here when i should be doing noe...I gotta go!

concon Posted: Jun 19th 2010

I love listening to music, watching football (not playing), drawing, reading books, photography, eating, watching anime, reading manga and running. Also I like shouting. :L

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 19th 2010

I like: Queen, rocking out, Shakespeare (Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet), drawing manga, skiving PE lessons, watching Shane Dawson videos on YouTube, reading books that have been banned somewhere or another and generally having the most awesome and fun time possible. ;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 19th 2010

I enjoy modeling and designing sets. I also like playing with my little sister and going PEW PEW PEW with my thumbs.

boo315 Posted: Jun 20th 2010

Im a Guitarist and I draw alot

Grumblefish Posted: Jun 25th 2010

First of all I write my own scifi stories, I am also in to video games.

kathyvseen Posted: Nov 20th 2010

I love painting and listening music.. When I am stressed I love to listen muisc

Chocachoc Posted: Nov 20th 2010

I really love good music, not just the stuff that's really catchy and is forgetton within a month (charts, no offence chart-liking people, but i really don't like most of the popular stuff) but stuff that takes time for you to really love it. My favorite musician has to be Imogen Heap, she is a real musician and also really connects with her fans. I've been to 2 of her live shows. Other artists I like include Florence and the machine, IAMX and Regina Spektor.

I love cats but we don't actually own any because I am allergic to them. I still make a big fuss of the neighbor's cats though! I am a real animal person! I have only ever owned fish, 2 gerbils and we currently own 2 hamsters named Oscar and Charlie. They are sweeties!

I play the bassoon working at grade 6 standard, and just gave up the piano at grade 6 standard. I attend a county wind band once a term that I enjoy very much! It's lovely mixing people similar to you, as most of my friends have never played instruments.

The subjects I take include maths, physics, chemistry and biology which I am starting to find rather difficult and need to re-motivate myself and raise my confidence.

This year I have been working on a project where I take a photo every day and at the end I will post them all into a ring binder, and it's really nice because I can look back to any day of the year and instantly remember what I did that day because I remember taking that photo! My photo diary!

That sums up the main bits of what I do, I would say my hobby is animation, as that is what I would classify as my main hobby, but all of the other things are just as much a part of me as my hobby of animation :D

wallace05man Posted: Nov 21st 2010

i draw and collect any comics (Wolverine & Deadepool, The Simpsons, Batman, Deadpool, The Astonishing Spiderman and alot more) and i collect action figures

Sniggles Posted: Nov 22nd 2010

Okay so I love to draw, sketch, paint, sculpt, make miniature rooms with items inside, and make animation movies (currently working on the evolution of man). But I also love to swim and am on my school's varsity swim team (pretty hard being one of four freshmen on that team). I also love skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, snowboarding (sometimes), cliff jumping, rock climbing, driving boats, sailing, and photography.
I like building snowmen and making gingerbread houses! HMM... I like to collect teen vouge magazines being obsessed with fashion, shopping, reading fantasy books, harry potter, spongebob, and I LOVE mr. g from summer heights high.
I like the bands vampire weekend, born ruffians, muse, the killers, and duh my fellow school mate lady gaga!!!!
I also love acting and currently doing the crucible at school (real intense, and I fell on my face.... ugh) and I am in my school chorus which is always fun. Oh and I like Canada and chocolate. I am allergic to the cold, (its real), cats, horses (deathly), and possibly wheat and dairy.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Nov 26th 2010


the mag Posted: Dec 9th 2010

l like working on my dad's car with him. it is a classic ford gran torino.

claymotion247 Posted: Dec 10th 2010

play with my dog:D
ps i tot her how to sit a the table like shes playing poker or eating dinner

the mag Posted: Dec 14th 2010

i also like inventing!

the mag Posted: Dec 29th 2010

now here is the car from burn notice. i love cars.

rozlinda Posted: Dec 30th 2010

i play football , volley ball !! and sometimes i go to the gym every week twice !!! and also i practise hip-hop !_! ;)

Cookie Cub Posted: Dec 30th 2010

666joshy666 Posted: Dec 30th 2010

I am either out with mates or Freebie Hunting. For getting freebies I use a site called FreebieJeebies ( ) Its one of those sites which you think are fake but once you start using them, you realise they are 100% legitimate. I did get a free ipod shuffle...


666joshy666 Posted: Dec 30th 2010

Grumblefish Posted: Dec 30th 2010

I like to write my own scifi, listen to music and radio programs. Old movies and cartoons.

Ursrut Posted: Jan 1st 2011

Well it's been a LONG time since i've looked at general chat- love the idea of this thread.

Well i suppose beside animation ( which has taken a back burner to my studies unfortauntly! :( ) I have interests in:
Film and Photography- LOVE IT- take them both as subjects at school ( the only reason i bother going in the end), I love the whole process of planning, filming and editing it all together and then watching it back ( naturally) and Photography I love capturing things like wildlife and landscapes and editing them as well.
And when I'm not doing my piles of homework i'm hopefully doing St John Ambulance stuff- I love the different activities i get to do and the duties i get to go on (like at faites, concert halls and anything going on around the county!) and the first aid aspect of it ( even if it is just putting a plaster on a cut finger).
Languages is another thing i love and take an interest in- I've got a qualification in Language leadership and love learning other languages. I've learnt French ( 2 years), German ( 5 years) and now Spanish ( only a couple of months)- I'm also attempting to learn Sign Language but so far my favourite language is German!
Other then that i love reading and animals and i believe that sums up everything up.

Ian- I see animation combines your other two interests that awesome!

JynxTitan Posted: Jan 19th 2011

My hobbies are listening to music, Drawing in my sketchbook and/or with my tablet, and reading books and Manga that catch my eye. :) I like collecting Anime things too. I have a small collection of Inuyasha, Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note items like plushies and keychains. lol

And whenever I get the chance, I like to write fanfiction too. :) And I've made some animation clips as well. It's just a "Stick figure" moving around so far, but it's fun all the same. :D

NeilK Posted: Jan 23rd 2011

Great choice of interests Jynx! :) Collecting anime merchandise is awesome. :D Good luck with the video animation too. ;)

My interests include listening to music, watching anime, reading (all kinds of books), playing PS3 games, and a few other little bits and pieces on the side. :) Drawing is something I enjoy doing from time to time, especially characters from my fandoms, lol :D I've made a few videos for Youtube aswell, though they're mostly made for fun, hehe :)

cheesehead302 Posted: Mar 2nd 2011

i love to draw game characters wen i draw em i take like 1-2hours to make everything just rightwon time i drew wallace,gromit,andbakewell and i took like 4 hours

alibongob Posted: Jul 28th 2011


Grumblefish Posted: Aug 3rd 2011

As strange as it sounds old radio programs. I even created a blog to highlight certain shows I think are great.

bubbles14 Posted: Aug 15th 2011

i love to paint and draw and watch ants- i know that sounds strange but i find them so interesting when they work together as a team and help eachother carry food hehe. i also like to make products and eat fruit.

morph2468 Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

i am a creative person i do animations make boared games as a hobby but i also have a n gage scale railway in my bedroom that i am working on.!!

iantimothy Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

cool! I almost got an n gauge when I got my trains, but I decided on HO, because it is easier to find things for it, and I like the size better. How big is your layout? How many locomotives and cars do you have?

chicken lickin Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

I enjoy baking and looking after all my wonderful pets (27 pets)

evastar7 Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

My hobbies are mostly reading,i am bit of a bookworm really! I do enjoy painting and watercolors,Listening to music mostly classical is my favorite.

morph2468 Posted: Jan 2nd 2012

i have 2 locomaotives as i just sold one and various carraiges and goods wagons. it is only a small layout in my bedroom as i could only fit a farely small one in my room but i am hoping to put a larger layout in the attic. i have found it quite hard to find things for n gage scale and it is very fidley.

cheesehead302 Posted: Jan 3rd 2012


wallace05man Posted: Jan 6th 2012

i play the drums in my spare time. i also play angry birds in my ipod and listen to music such as David Bowie, Queen, Gorillaz, The Beatles, Rolling Stones and that kind of music.

wallace05man Posted: Jan 6th 2012

and i also practice piano and guitar

wallace05man Posted: Jan 6th 2012

in the summer i play football with my friend because he has a big field near his house

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