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KirstenW Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Hi Everyone

We now have a new Aardman staff member on the site, called Ellie M!

You will see her on the forums from now on as well as Katie and I, so please feel free to say hello and give her a warm welcome!


wghtmf Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Yay! hello Ellie M! lol I remember when you first came to the wbesite, KirstenW!

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Here I am!

Hi everyone- I'm looking forward to meeting you all and seeing what's going on


Gromits little bro Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Hello hello!!! welcome!!

concon Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Hiya! Welcome to W&! :D

If you ever go on the Shaun website I'll send you a request. :)

ajmole Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

She is on the Shaun website. ;) Welcome again!

concon Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Oh. Its cause Idon't really gop on there. ;)

Gromit lad Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

W-E-L-C-O-M-E your at high ranks here, don't worry, we won't make it hard for you on here. But sometimes... anyways, HI! Good to know theres a new stafff member to go to for help.

lad is glad

altergromit Posted: Jun 23rd 2010

Hello Ellie M!! .. ...A warm "bark bark" from me!! ^___^

wallace05 Posted: Jun 23rd 2010


Clay Fighter Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Hey there Ellie, how are you?
Its always nice to have someone new on here, I'm sure you will fit in nicely...
Oh and by the way, Nice Display Picture!

Ursrut Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Helllo and WELCOME!
I do hope you enjoy the forum! ;)

shaun the lamb Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Welcome! I hope you have a great time here!

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Hi Ellie!

Nathan M Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Hi Ellie M! :D

kldceltic Posted: Jun 24th 2010

welcome ellie m:O;)

Miley05 Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Hey, Ellie M!!!! :D

Bugs Bunny gives you a very good welcome!

thetopbun Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Hey Ellie nice to meet you! I am sure you will get to know us all well and find us a great bunch although there are quite a few outbursts and it might get slightly tedious looking after us! But I am sure all of us will try our best to give you a great experience and fun time here! :) It is great to have more Aardman staff etc. on here because even more questions and dilemmas will be solved quicker!
Talk to you soon!

timmythesheep848 Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Hey Ellie Welcome!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Ello Ellie Em!

Note: I purposely forgot to put the H in Hello so it is Ello, an old English way of saying hello, Oh nevermind. :-|

kldceltic Posted: Jun 29th 2010

welcome ellie m :D

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jun 29th 2010

yo ellie :D I Shake you warmly by the hand................hold on a minute this is on the internet bummer:-|

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Jun 30th 2010

Thank you everyone!

So far I'm really impressed- there's a lot of very funny and talented people on here!

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jul 1st 2010


Fish Posted: Jul 1st 2010

Welcome, Ellie!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 1st 2010

"Funny" is the last trait I expected to be. Oh wait, she said there's "a lot" of funny people, meaning about everyone, and I am the exception. Well, that explains it. :D

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

Harryboy8080. Don't put yourself down.

concon Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

I hope Im one of the Talented ones. ;)

-Does handstand then juggles 3 monkeys-

Do do dododo do do do do!

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jul 3rd 2010

Am I a funny one? *raises an eyebrow*

kld loves wallace for eva Posted: Jul 6th 2010

welcome ellie

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