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altergromit Posted: Jun 24th 2010

...Because I wrote my reply to a person here and I had a "worning" saying I was saying something "bad"...:'( ...Honestly I don't know what it was my mistake, but I changed the words so it was ok. The point is I'm not an "English mother tongue" and I suppose a word I thought was "normal" was a bad word or I wrote in a wrong way. :-(Anyway I'm sorry and I apologize about that...

ajmole Posted: Jun 24th 2010

altergromit, it's no big deal. The swearing filter is broken. It says that some words are swearing when they are not. Don't worry. :)

altergromit Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Oh, ok, so now I know!! ...So it was a "missunderstanding" thing! ...I thought I didn't say anything wrong and now I know I was ok, thank you very much ajmole, I feel much better now!!... :)

Grumblefish Posted: Jun 25th 2010

It happens I typed you tube here recently as one word and it said it was a bad word. Honestly.

altergromit Posted: Jun 25th 2010

...So it seems like it happens often! ...Anyway, in case, I'll change the words here and there!... ;) I don't wanna do anything bad or wrong!

kldceltic Posted: Jun 25th 2010

i have youtube:D see it works for me:O

kldceltic Posted: Jun 25th 2010

have a look at mine altergromit

altergromit Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Nice videos kldceltic! :)

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jun 26th 2010

Yeah! :)

altergromit Posted: Jun 27th 2010

Oh, hello there! ;)

Charli_13 Posted: Mar 26th 2011

Hey Altergromit! I don't know how to post comments on peoples profiles so i just thought i'd drop by here and say thanks for accepting my buddy request! |-)
I hope you are having an awesome day! :D

altergromit Posted: Oct 27th 2011

...Hoping you'll read it, you're welcome! I know I'm late, I didn't see it! :(
...See you! ;):D

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