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Miley05 Posted: Jun 24th 2010

On Sparktop (Lola1990 and I are running it), there is a club for Looney Tunes fans. You can also join my club on this site. Lola1990 is not here but I can still run it. Lola1990 and I are trying to make it globel so this is Level 1. If this does not work, you can still join here but Lola and I have to move on to Level 2 on If that doe not work either, you can still join there too, just like this site. Level 3 is both. It will never expire and still keep on. So start now before it's too late.

Entries for LTFC:
Level 1 - June 24th - July 1st -- Level 2 - July 2nd - July 24th

Miley05 Posted: Jun 24th 2010

Today's top episode is:

Beep Beep!

Expires: June 30th 8)

Instuctions (since it might be your first day): Post a funny moment you have for an episode in this topic. Every expied date, it will have a new Top Episode after the Expired one. So do it now before it's too late! >:-)

Oh, I also wanted to change the dates for expireing the levels for this:

Level 1: Starts - NOW!! :D Ends - July 31st :O

Level 2: Starts - August 1st :D Ends - August 31st :O

Level 3: Starts - September 1st :D Ends - Never ;)

At Level 3, Lola1990 will still run it on SparkTop and I will keep running the expired levels 1 & 2.

P.S. If you have a hard time on SparkTop, contact me or Lola1990 on

If you want to start becoming a member, click on this link:

If you can't click on it, type

Miley05 Posted: Jun 30th 2010

Today's top episode on Sparktop:

Bunny hugged

Today's episode on this site:

Going Going Gosh

Expires: July 30th

Lola1990 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

My favorite part was when in Going Going Gosh, Wile E got hit by Road Runner's truck. LOL!

Alice Perez Posted: Mar 25th 2012

I'd also like to join that fan's club. :)

w&gfan75 Posted: Mar 26th 2012

i love looney tunes i'll join

evastar7 Posted: Mar 27th 2012

i want to join too!

MrTechnoTrousers Posted: Mar 27th 2012

i don't like looney tunes

i just don't find it funny or entertaining but if u like it, good for u

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