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wallace05 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

you are aloud to comment

wallace05 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

Friday 2nd July

i got to school and we had to straight away practice for our School play Cinderella & Rockerfella for 2 hours.

had the ussual discusting Friday lunch: rock hard pizza with squishy chips. then i got told off for not handing in my form for the School Trip.

i played football with my friends and nearly got a broken arm by my friend landing on it when he got tripped over. then we got nagged at for not getting changed for swimming in time.

we got into the horrible swimming pool and me and my friend William got screamed at for talking when our grumpy swimming teacher was talking.

praticed the school play for another 2 and a half hours, doing each song again and again.

it's finally hometime. outside of school, my friends were showing off their mobile phones playing music really loud. i wish i had my phone cos i got picked up late.

we went to the pub and saw loads of people we know there. it was annoying.

kldceltic Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

look at the 2nd last comment on your creation


wallace05 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

fattist? first he called me & cracking toast an idiot, and then he's mean about my picture!:O he SHOULD get banned from the website! thanks for showing me the link kldceltic

it's a joke! it's not fattist, because the fat person i drew isn't a real person! it would be "fattist" if i said it to a real person, but not a cartoon! it's like saying The Simpsons is "fattist" because of Homer Simpson!!!!

kldceltic Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

what country u fae:O

wallace05 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

does "fae" mean from?

kldceltic Posted: Jul 2nd 2010


wallace05 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

England:D why d'you ask?:)

kldceltic Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

i thought you were in usa:O

wallace05 Posted: Jul 2nd 2010


kldceltic Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

cause ajmole is from there:-|

ajmole Posted: Jul 2nd 2010

Uh, I'm not sure why you thought wallace05 lives in the US just because I do.

wallace05 Posted: Jul 3rd 2010

i want to live in USA though:D

wallace05 Posted: Jul 3rd 2010

byt the way kldceltic, i added you on msn:)

wallace05 Posted: Jul 3rd 2010

Saturday 3rd July

i didn't have any breakfast because my sister (ladytotty05) used up the last bowl.

i had a piano lesson, and had to do loads of sight reading and it was really boooooring.
for an hour. on the way back i listened to Gorillaz Demon Days.

we went out for lunch at a pub. i like going for lunch at the pub

we went to a BBQ at my school and football and stuff. the only bad thing about it is... the teachers are gonna be there. wll at least they can't tell me off cos it's not a school day horaaay:D

i went on msn with kldceltic andon Facebook

i watched Monster House and went on my laptop and watched stuff on youtube

kldceltic Posted: Jul 3rd 2010


wallace05 Posted: Jul 3rd 2010


wallace05 Posted: Jul 4th 2010

Sunday 4th July

i woke up, and played on my Nintendo DS for a few hours. then i went downstairs and went on my laptop. i also watched TV and went on msn with my friend.

we picked my sister up from a sleep over at her friends house

we got home and i had a really really late breakfast. then i went into my room and put "Gorillaz - Plastic Beach" on my cd player whilst i played Mario Kart on DS.

i went on Guitar Hero on the Nintendo Wii and played David Bowie:D

i had lunch and after i went on Guitar Hero again and i played Mississippe Queen on Guitar Hero

we rode our bikes and played criket at a criket pith we live near

we got a chinese takeaway. it was nice.

i watched Spogebob and went on my laptop. i listened to my second favourite Gorillaz song "O Green World" over and over again. my favourite Gorillaz song is Clint Eastwood. i don't normally like rap music, but i LOVE the rap in that song.

wallace05man Posted: May 15th 2011

9:30am woke up and played with our new kittens. they're called Ozzy (after ozzy osbourne) and Lola (after the kinks song).

12:30pm went to hmv then had lunch at a restraunt called Plume Of Feathers.

4:00pm went home and ordered 2 shaun the sheep dvds off the internet (Washday and Party Animals)

5:00 got a train to london to see Pink Floyd at the o2

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