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nam man06 Posted: Jul 4th 2010

2 days ago everyone pushed me on top of someone on the trampoline and it knocked my tooth it made my jaw go all wierd too! :-(

Jobymo Posted: Jul 4th 2010

hope u are alright:D

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jul 4th 2010

Right... thanks for telling us. I guess it must have really hurt though!

kldceltic Posted: Jul 4th 2010

see when i got runned down in 2008 i got a chipped tooth cause of it:O:-(

ClashOfTheTitans1981Rocks Posted: Jul 4th 2010

18 of my teeth have come out in my life so far.... 3 of which were punched out by some jerk at playschool!

iantimothy Posted: Jul 4th 2010

that happened to my dad once, he was trying to get a coke of of the top shelf of a store, and it slipped and knocked a tooth out...

ajmole Posted: Jul 4th 2010

Sorry to hear that. I hope you are okay.

(Not to be rude kld, but runned isn't a word. ;) )

Fish Posted: Jul 5th 2010

Sorry about your tooth, nam man06! :O

When I was much younger, some kids at my school pushed on the trampoline while I was doing a flip. I landed in the springs and badly injured my arm. :-(

wghtmf Posted: Jul 5th 2010

Ouch... I hope you're okay.

the mag Posted: Dec 14th 2010

ouch! that sounds like it hurt!:-( i hope you are ok|-)

ajmole Posted: Dec 14th 2010

That was 5 months ago the mag, nam man is obviously better.

the mag Posted: Dec 15th 2010

i know when it was.

Calls Posted: Jul 3rd 2011

I do hope your tooth is better!

iantimothy Posted: Jul 3rd 2011

well, it has only been 364 days, so you never know. :D

nam man06 Posted: Jul 4th 2011

blummin eckers, what a pointless thread! |-)
thanks anyway though

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