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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 7th 2010

Our favourite comic duo Wallace & Gromit have arrived on iPad in episodic adventure game "The Last Resort", the second episode in the Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures series, released for PC and Xbox LIVE last year.


The game finds Wallace building an entire seaside resort in his own terraced house due to his holiday plans being foiled by foul weather.

Keeping holiday makers satisfied proves to be tricky, especially when one of them is knocked on the head by an unknown assailant and it’s up to Wallace and his Deduct-o-matic to solve the mystery!

Wallace & Gromit: The Last Resort is now available for iPad at a price of £2.99/$4.99/€3.99 from the iTunes store

zevobh Posted: Jul 7th 2010

skalouis Posted: Jul 7th 2010


ajmole Posted: Jul 7th 2010

Aw, I can't get it because I don't own an iPad. :-(

skalouis, do you know what an iPad is? If you don't, we could tell you.

ShaunGromit Posted: Jul 7th 2010

Yay! when I get an iPad, (I'm currently 3/4 there) I'm definitely going to buy this!

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 8th 2010

Im waiting for the Ipad to be a little more updated, and get all the bugs off...... so nothing happens...... But shure, I wanna play wallace and gromit everywhere! So..... FUTURE CUSTOMER! LOL

lad is ....... I dont really know lol

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 9th 2010

Our department has just bought an iPad for the office, so I'll be sure to give it a thorough test for you all! :D

ShaunGromit Posted: Jul 18th 2010

You're soooooo lucky katie!!!!

zevobh Posted: Jul 19th 2010

now, i just want an ipad more! rrrrrr!

ColinSooty Posted: Jul 21st 2010

I bought the game, but got stuck right at the beginning with no idea how to trip the circuit breaker - there are no hints, nothing is selectable.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Use your head!

ShaunGromit Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Ah, 92%. I need this game!

harryboy, I hope you meant that in a joking way, because it seems a bit rude.

ajmole Posted: Aug 1st 2010

It doesn't seem mean to me. harryboy was just saying to think harder about it.

SKELETON123 Posted: Aug 13th 2010

Can you get it on Iphone:-(|)

kldceltic Posted: Aug 13th 2010

yh i wish:D

ShaunGromit Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

No... But the screen would be too small...

Bu there are comics for the iPhone (and iPod Touch)

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 25th 2010

I have this game on Ipad. I love it. It's like an interactive mystery story! tricky at times but i would definately reccomend it to any WAG fan!

Kevin_turtle Posted: Sep 12th 2010

shawn1 Posted: Sep 20th 2010

Like i will ever get an Ipad :-(:-(

skalouis Posted: Sep 24th 2010

ipad our silly:-|

mortmort Posted: Oct 29th 2010

Pigs'll fly before I get an Ipad!:-(

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 25th 2010

same mortmort:'(

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