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KayLax10 Posted: Jul 10th 2010

Hello all you AC fans!! Come on in and join the club!
Though concon did make this back in January he closed it sooo I guess it's fine....Okay lets get done to business...

First I would like everyone to fill out this...(for all the games)
Name on AC:__________(if it's your real name just put Rname for Real Name
Town Name:___________
Favorite Resident: (someone that lives there now)____________
Favorite All time resident: (someone who did live in your town)_____________
Favorite Character: (anyone besides residents!!)_______________
Message of your choice: (optional)______________________________________

Next, please put down all your friend codes for all of your Animal Crossing games.


On this thread you can chat to other people about the game. Sometimes I will hold parties so we can all get together on one game. Whether it's on D.S. or the Wii.


^^^First of all if someone is coming to your town and you don't trust anything, you may want to hide all your stuff.

~When you go to someone's town you cannot

cut down trees nor can you take anything from their town. even ask them if you can dig something up, take a fish, or even take a bug.
~ Remember to be kind and polite
~ Also if you do not like the person you have invited over such as if they were unkind and unpleasant, then just send them home and delete them from your Friends list!

IF you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not be afraid to ask!!


concon's old club:

A great thing to do when someone comes to your town is to play
hide-n-go seek, a bug-off, or a fishing contest!

THIS CLUB'S FIRST AC PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(D.S.)
Invite all your friends, and I mean it!!!!!
Tuesday July 6th
12 pm my time (Eastern)
11 am (Central)
9 am (Western)
5 pm UK time


Name: Rname----------------Town: Rainvill (I know it's spelt wrong)
Favorite Resident: Poncho ~ a cute little blue bear~
Favorite All-Time Resident: Stitches and Melba
Favorite Character: Sable
Comment: Hit the rocks with a shovel =)
Name: Faith ----------------------- Town Name: Zebraway
Favortie Resident: Blaire --------------------- Favorite All-Time Resident: Alfonso
Favorite Character: ?????
Comment: My favorite wii game! Always up for some fun!
D.S.::2363-4935-6547 ----------------- Wii:3137-2191-9151
Name on AC: Funky
Town Name: Uptown
Favorite Resident: Melba
Favorite All time resident: Teddy
Favorite Character: Sabel
Code (DS) : 1162-1103-6340
Name on ACWW (D.S.): It's kinda my real name
Town Name: Webtown
Favorite Resident: Benedict
Favorite All time resident: Dunno
Favorite Character: K.K. Slider (I love his music!)
Message of your choice: My DS code is 2363-5112-6199! Add me for picking weeds and having fishing contests!

Name on ACCF (Wii): Nick-name of my real name
Town Name: Greatown
Favorite Resident: Dunno, need to play again
Favorite All time resident: Chester and Moe (WHY did they HAVE to LEAVE????)
Favorite Character: K.K. Slider
Message of your choice: My code for Wii is 4511-4192-1666! Add me to have fishing contests, picking weeds and fun!!!!

KayLax10 Posted: Jul 10th 2010

this is mostly on the STS Forum but i thought we could spread the love on this site too

ajmole Posted: Jul 11th 2010

KayLax, it's funkycheese7000. ;)

Havenese Posted: Jul 19th 2010

I luv ac!! Tho I don't have the game.. But AC rules!!

Miley05 Posted: Jul 20th 2010

KayLax? I know this is not in the topic but do you want to be in the Ultimate Smackdown on STS? Go to the Ultimate Smackdown thread and then go on WANTED, CLICK HERE to pick a character if you want. (P.S. they are both by Lola1990)

KayLax10 Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Oh that's ok Miley05 also if you want to ask me something like this please go on my Ajmole!!! thread you will always be able to reach me from there

wilsonm Posted: Oct 27th 2012

Name on ACLGTTC:___MP_______
Town Name:_WILSON__________
Favorite Resident: _____MP_______
  Favorite All time resident: ______BOB_______
Favorite Character:______??????????????_________
Message of your choice: _______WILL POST FRIEND COSE WHEN NEXT GO ON THE WII_______________________________

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