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Miley05 Posted: Jul 14th 2010

This is a Fun Game! It's called "What is...". It's where you ask a question and someone answers and askes a different question. Like so:

What is your favorite actor?
Drake Bell
What is an elk?

Get the picture?

ShaunGromit Posted: Jul 14th 2010

Yes, I get the picture

An Elk is a large deer also called a wapiti

I'm not sure which question to answer

What is you favourite TV show (& aside)

iantimothy Posted: Jul 15th 2010

The Andy Grifith Show

What is a male mallard duck called (you will get the pun in Beaver Creek)

concon Posted: Jul 15th 2010

Drake? :L

What is the Volturi? 0:)

iantimothy Posted: Jul 16th 2010

alright i had to look that one up.
The Volturi are an ancient and powerful coven of vampires, something like royalty in humans.
yay wikipedia.

what is the world's largest baseball bat? (I Know!!)

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 16th 2010

It is 120 ft. and in Louisville, Kentucky. I looked that up.

What is the radius of the earth?

concon Posted: Jul 16th 2010

Chciken Nuggets.

What is Jane's power? (Sorry Imma Twihard. :L )

purplesheep123 Posted: Jul 16th 2010

ability to inflict mental pain on an enemy:O

What is the difference between white and brown eggs?:D

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 16th 2010

The color. DUH! :D

And the type of chicken it comes from. And concon.... that made me laugh ........ but also made me slightly angry :-|


How fast is the Earth spinning around the sun?

purplesheep123 Posted: Jul 16th 2010

about 30 kilometers per second

and the answer was the type of chicken even though they're obviously different colors

who discovered the equation E = mc2

iantimothy Posted: Jul 16th 2010

albert einstein

what is the most famous horse race in the world, and where is it held.

Miley05 Posted: Jul 17th 2010

People, you got to stay on What is! Some of you are, though. Great job!

What is your favorite movie?

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 17th 2010

Prince of Egypt and Transformers 2 are tied. :D

What's your favorite cartoon?

Miley05 Posted: Jul 17th 2010

On Looney Tunes, Zoom and Bored!

What's your favorite W&G moment?;)

Miley05 Posted: Jul 17th 2010

P.S. @Harryboy8080 I watched Prince of Eygept too!

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 17th 2010

The climax of Curse of the were-rabbit,with everything coming together,and the hillarious plane scene.

What is you're favourite artist/band?

iantimothy Posted: Jul 17th 2010

I don't really listen to much music, but I have begun to like Grandpa Jones.

What is your favorite hobby, next to animation or art.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 18th 2010

Model Trains, Planes, Tanks, Soldiers, Cars, and Trucks.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 18th 2010

What is in the centre of the Earth?

iantimothy Posted: Jul 18th 2010

big hot stuff... yeah... I am a science wiz.

you are into model trains, me too.... what scale do you have

what is the first disney movie you saw.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Jul 18th 2010

I think it must've been Snow White or Sleeping Beauty. It was a very long time ago!

What's your favourite song at the moment?

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 18th 2010

If you mean by scale the size of the train, then it's a 4inch steam engine with 3 passenger cars and a coal cart.

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 18th 2010

'Up the hill backwards' by David Bowie

What is you're favourite wallace and gromit villian?

iantimothy Posted: Jul 18th 2010

oog: is it electric or just a model.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 18th 2010


OOG: Hey Miley, can you make this thread like What is, Who is, and maybe even When is too? I just thought I'd throw that out there.

What is your favorite type of dog?

purplesheep123 Posted: Jul 18th 2010

german shepard:D

what is your favorite instrument?

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 18th 2010

The drum.

OOG: It's just a model. I'm savin' up for an electric one.

What is your favourite food?

iantimothy Posted: Jul 18th 2010

country food. I don't really have a single favorite food.

OOG: yea, I have two electric ones, five passenger cars, on a 4' by 8' layout.

What is your favorite holiday

ShaunGromit Posted: Jul 18th 2010

The Top Gear Studio

What is the point in life?

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 19th 2010

To grow and develop as a person spiritually and help and support the people around you through the ups and downs of life...also to have a good time as well. :D

Oh wait, the point of life is to be lazy and do nothing. ;)

What are your traits? (Besides Awesome )

Miley05 Posted: Jul 20th 2010


What is your favorite color?

purplesheep123 Posted: Jul 20th 2010


what is your favorite animal

iantimothy Posted: Jul 20th 2010

I guess I have a slight (extreme) like of beavers.

What is you greatest achievement (in your opinion)

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 21st 2010

my 1 minute long "Operation Market Garden" lego stop motion.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

any question as to 'what is...' STL?

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

STL is me

What is... Clay Fighter

Lola1990 Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

A person

What is... STL?

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 22nd 2010


If I'm wrong its all my fault.....

What is glossophobia?

lad knows hah, but its sad some people are like that.........

Miley05 Posted: Jul 22nd 2010


What is... your favorite smiley :D

kldceltic Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

what is your faveorite food:)

Lola1990 Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

Chips, such as Cheetos!

What is... your favorite video game?

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 23rd 2010

Uhm STL that would have been better if i didnt use grammar, do you realise that i was pointing out you didnt ask a question?

My favourite Video Game is 'The sims 2' !!

What is your most precious Moment?

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 23rd 2010

Yes that was obvious CF.

When I got my '360 Elite.

What is...Sodium Benzolate?

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 23rd 2010

OOG:yes but STL it...ya know what? Never mind!

ShaunGromit Posted: Jul 24th 2010

A preservative.

What came first the chicken or the egg? (weird answer allowed)

iantimothy Posted: Jul 24th 2010

neither, because ever'body know that chickens evolved from cats.

What is your favorite historical person. (That means they are dead... no one living)

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Um, Boudica (Because she's hardcore!)

What is your favourite type of cheese?

kldceltic Posted: Jul 24th 2010


what is ur favorite character in w@g

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 24th 2010


What does E=Mc2 mean? :D

P.S. ShaunGromit, I think the egg came first because dinosaurs laid eggs! ;)

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 24th 2010

E mean Energy, M means mass, and c means speed of light in a vacuum. (Not Dyson Vacuum)

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