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VincentAnimations01 Posted: Jul 21st 2010

Just got back from seeing Toy Story 3, absolutely amazing, funny and sad at parts!
What did every one think?? I've been waiting 11 years for this and it was worth every minute of it!
That short movie at the beginning, 'Day & Night' was pretty cool too, what a fantastic idea.:D

iantimothy Posted: Jul 21st 2010

Personally I think it was the best Toy Story yet, I liked the opening sequence a lot, and how it ends where the first one started. I have been waiting 11 years too, I didn;t see the first Toy Story in the theater, I was only one year old, but, I clearly remember seeing it on VHS (makes me sound old), and seeing Toy Story 2 in the theater.

I loved "Day & Night" I had never seen anything like it before.

kldceltic Posted: Jul 21st 2010

i want to see it:D

Nathan M Posted: Jul 21st 2010

im seeing it tomorrow :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

I saw it about 2 weeks ago and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!
I saw it in 3D!
I loved 'Day&Night' aswell, after that i joked with my friends and said its time to go, as it was soo amazing ;)
I think it is awesome, i got teary eyed! especially near the end of the film.
I still have Both on VHS and still love watching them on VHS !

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

Oh wow, I haven't seen it yet (think I might wait a week or so until the crowds die down) - glad to hear it's good. Do you think that watching it in 3D made it better?

Nathan M Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

i love toy story.. you can never be too old to watch and enjoy it. its sorta a exception that i love about it! brings so many good memories back too.

Im going to be seeing it today in 3D cant wait :D

iantimothy Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

Katie, I think you should see it in 3D, there isn't any cheesy 3D effects where stuff jumps out at you, but the depth that it gives is amazing.

Ursrut Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

I really can't wait to see the movie... i have to wait a while but i'm sure it is going to be worth it :D

Have you seen this article about a guy who changed his name to one of the characters in Toy story because he loved it so much :O

Nathan M Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

haa thats well cool :D

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

I agree with Ian the way the 3d works is so subtle, you don't really notice it much but it defiantly gives the shot depth! The most 3D part of the movie I thought was the very first scene involving the steam train. Not spoiling anything to those who have not seen Toy Story 3 but the first scene is so funny, lol!! Not laughed as much for a long time, funny, and a certain bit with Buzz light year and Jessy is truly hilarious !!:D

iantimothy Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

I am a huge train freak, (especially old time steam) so I loved that scene, John Lasseter is also a rail-fan, he has a train going around his vineyard. My favorite line now in any pixar movie is, "THE ORPHANS!" and then what you see after that, absolutely perfect timing.

anybody who has watched it or is going to watch it, look at the garbage man, the one with the skull on his shirt, any guess who that is.....

Sid, from the first Toy Story.

Nathan M Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

Just come back from seeing toy story 3 3D and there wasnt much 3d at all lol but it was a amazing film :D

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 23rd 2010

I prefer Toy-Story one to be honest.

I found this one a bit dark.
And barbies clothes were too tight. *Shudders*. A review website claimed it had alot of hidden meanings.

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 23rd 2010

I cried. I just watched it today. The fire part made me soooo sad :-( ...... :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 23rd 2010

I found it amazing either way....
In real life Barbies clothes are tight...yes, I have seen a Barbie, Its a bit hard not too while Babysitting ;)

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 24th 2010

I CAN NOT wait to see it! (Some of you may remember me btw) it looks amazing!

Evo89 Posted: Jul 24th 2010

I saw it last Monday, thought it was amazing. Loved Day & Night too.

number Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Im going to see it on Thursday,probably in 3D.

thetopbun Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Well... Here is something I noticed for you all...
Did you realise that at the end it had the shot of the clouds and all of them were exactly the same but just different sizes and different places?
At the start of the film it was EXACTLY the same! It started off in Andy's bedroom, but it was his wallpaper.
At the end of the film I think they did this to effectively say, the toys are at home again.

I don't know if that is just me but I think they did that secretly and everyone working on the film had that in mind.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 24th 2010

the reason they ended with the clouds is because in Toy Story 1, the first shot is of andy's cloud wallpaper, so they did that to wrap it up.

thetopbun Posted: Jul 24th 2010

The exact same in Toy Story 3 ;)

Nathan M Posted: Jul 24th 2010

has anyone here got the game? i have

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Can you guys not spoil the film? I already know the toys end up back with andy and there's sad fire scene ( I suspect toys get melted or something) and I haven't seen it yet. It kinda ruins it. And I assume this is the last then,if it ends with the clouds.

thetopbun Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Umm... We haven't ruined it as you might have got the story completely wrong! Hahahahaha! You'll never know until you see it... So far from what you have predited you are **% right/wrong...

iantimothy Posted: Jul 24th 2010

yeah, you are mighty wrong.

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Oooh I can't wait! So anyway, how are we all? I've been gone for a LONG time!

thetopbun Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Ian... He could be right ;) We don't want to give it away that he doesn't go back to Andy... OR DO THEY?!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Yeah Ct, the story line your thinking is completely wrong!

And maybe you shouldnt read the comments if you dont want it ruined, because its obvious we are talking about the FILM!

Oh and TTB, yeah, the clouds/cloud wallpaper is basically the ToyStory signature!

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 24th 2010

I noticed that too top bun! I was like what the heck?

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 24th 2010

And guys, I don't know if CT was tricking us and is a mastermind who came up this plan, but he just said that he thinks the toys go back to Andys, and we all told him that what he thought was wrong....... :-|

:D Lol :D Reverse Psychology at its best.

ajmole Posted: Jul 24th 2010

CT, may I tell you something about the fire part? I will. It's not really that sad to me. (You'll understand once you see it.) It's a great film, it's one of the best ones yet!

thetopbun Posted: Jul 25th 2010

But did they go back to Andy's? Let's get him confused...
Yes they did... But they actually didn't, but they might have but there is also the possibility I think they were melted and went back to Andy's? Or did they survive and get back to Andy? But in the end they got melted and didn't go back to Andy...
I confused myself! ;)

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 25th 2010

Its over.... we saw andy go to college.....
Great movie! I'm trying to restore my woody doll.....
And what made me mad is not sitting through the credits after the little movies on the end.... just like Toy story 2 they had something happen on the end....... wonder what I missed!!!

Emotional right? The end part with andy talking, That got to my mom and friends mom..........

lad is scared of monkey and big baby

ajmole Posted: Jul 25th 2010

The little movies was just life living in a place which would be a spoiler.

thetopbun Posted: Jul 25th 2010

Umm... Gromit lad... You might want to edit your post so you don't ruin it for everyone who hasn't seen it! D:

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 25th 2010

The worst thing anybody can tell someone who hasn't seen a film is 'it's not a spoiler but... it's a great film and you'll enjoy it' cos it kinda puts their hopes up.

But yes,harryboy,you have indeed rumbled me.

nam man06 Posted: Aug 13th 2010

i watched it a few days ago! it was wicked! :D

jordan Posted: Aug 13th 2010

Toy Story 3 made me cry! desperate to go see it again

Fish Posted: Aug 13th 2010

I loved Toy Story 3! It has a great ending. |-)

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Sorry. Bit late to the party. Haven't been on here for a while. Wel l went to see in it 3D a few days back and it's fantastic! A worthy sequel and I did have a bit of a tear in my eye. I've been a fan of Toy Story,and Pixar in general,for as long as I can remember. I remeber those days when I had VHS's of Toy Story,Toy Story 2,A Bug's Life and all that, and I used to watch them again and again. With Toy Story 3, I really fits in this the first two but takes the story to a new level,in exactly the same way as Toy Story 2 took it to a new level back in 1999. The film obviously is a little different because the styles of CGI films and cinema have changed a little. The graphics are very superior if you compare them to the first and second films, which is something that did stand out alot (and make me feel very old). it's only a minor blip. I like the fact that the film didn't make any forced use of the 3D which was nice, I mean no cheesy shots where one of the characters puts there hand forwards or something. The characters where all really well done and it was just fantastic. Everything worked really well. Sad to know that it's the end,but it's nice that Pixar aren't overdoing it like other franchises (E.G. Shrek). Anyways,anyone who hasn't seen it,I strongly recommend you do,because it really is Magic!

P.S. I know what you where all talking about now. :D

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

My film club at school went to go see the previews of Toy Story 3 in London. It was great. Sad, funny and heartwarming. And the graphics have certainly improved since 1995. It truly is a splendid and magical film.

thetopbun Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

CT I disagree at one point because when I went to see it I made about 15 notes on where they did purposeful 3D shots and YES THERE WAS A HAND COMING OUT AT THE SCREEN! When Woody was behind the water pump and puts his hand out at the dumpster! :P

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

Ah yes. I forgot. Ah well. It didn't really spoil it. It's inevitable to include one of those kind of shots

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Aug 24th 2010

I'm glad there was a happy ending. A new kid means they can do more films if they ever want to in the future. The new characters are great. I love Dolly (possibly a new romantic interest for Woody?) and Buttercup.

The cameos of Sid and Zurg were brilliant to see.

ajmole Posted: Aug 24th 2010

Saying 'a new kid' is an epic spoiler for the whole film. ;)

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 25th 2010

Yeah,it really is. I didn't want anyone to say any spoilers before I saw it,so don't ruin it for anyone else cos that seriously is a big bit of it. Though yeah, the cameos where great.

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