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harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 21st 2010

For my beloved cat, Flower, who just died, :-(:'( , and my cat, Pandora, who died last year :-(:'( . I'll never forget you two.

You guys can post your animals that passed away here too.

kldceltic Posted: Jul 21st 2010

omg poor harryboy have a hug fae me:O

i feel so sorry for u i know that will be a shame two of ma family member's died
ma uncle stephen19th dec 05
ma gran july29th 07 i think


harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 21st 2010

It's alright kldceltic.

Lola1990 Posted: Jul 22nd 2010

My fish, Nick died and he lived for 3 years and I still remember! :'(

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 23rd 2010



Jum Posted: Jul 24th 2010

Rock- To- Rock

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 24th 2010

My Grandmas Dog Died and Good Gravy She Did That Dogs Name was Bitty Guess What She Did RIGHT! she bit And Stunk I Barely Remember Her But Anyways Rip.

wallace05 Posted: Jul 25th 2010

my guinea pig called Fluffy
we buried her in our garden with a carrot next to her body because she loved carrots

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 25th 2010

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 25th 2010

Our puppy got hit by a car full of smoking drunks today. the idiots in the car said he'd be alright and didn't even care. But now he's dead.

thetopbun Posted: Jul 25th 2010

That is horrible CT! :( I hope you aren't too sad and that is a little violent for the forum (my impression of Ellie M :P) I love you Ellie! :D

I have never had any pets as they would kill me...

kldceltic Posted: Jul 25th 2010

omg how sad:-(:'( stupid iditos for not lokking at road excuse me i got run down i could have died:O

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 26th 2010

aww wallace05 I have a guinea pig...
The people who killed your Puppy should be jailed.
But why was your puppy on the road?

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 26th 2010

That happened to me too CT. My 4 year old Great Dane called Xena got hit by a car full of drunks in 2008. They said they didn't see her. She is 6ft when she stands and was in a bright red raincoat.

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 26th 2010

Not the main road,CF. Like,not white things in the middle. We where farming at this house and there's a road just by it. not sure why he was on the road,I wasn't there. I know this because my brother was there.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 26th 2010

Mine died on a farm I we had.
She was a tidy dog and didn't like doing her busines in the garden or front lawn. So she went to an empty paddoc which was right next to us. But to get to it she had to cross the road. I would always watch her and she was cautious of cars.
But one day I woke up to the horrible sound of a car screeching to a hault and hitting something, then the wimpering of a dog. She somehow jumped over the gate (Danes are good jumpers).

boo315 Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Nemo (fish when I was 4):'(
Fang (hamster):'(
Wanda (Fish):'(
And my beloved hamster Bam who died two days ago:'(

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Aug 17th 2010

RIP my beloved collie cross Sage (22nd July 2006)

Gone but not forgotten. 0:) Sleep tight, sweetie.

Nutmeg Blue is now just as loved, cherished and pampered as you were, Sagey :'( even though she can't be bothered fetching a ball in the park like you used to do.

nam man06 Posted: Aug 24th 2010

R.I.P my rabbit Floppsy (2003-2009)
R.I.P my rabbit Moppsy (2003-2009)
R.I.P my fish Bubbles (2004-2010)AT LAST!>:-)
R.I.P my fish Squirt (2004-2008 )
R.I.P my cat Charlie (2006-2010)

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 16th 2010

R.I.P Lucy, who died this morning Thursday, September 16 2010 of unknown causes.

afrachocolate Posted: Sep 18th 2010

Im sry for all ur pets! I have a pet too but his still alive

concon Posted: Sep 18th 2010

My Goldfish that have died:

Cool Man
Fat Bob
Sunny Jim
I like Cheese

My sister named most of the ones with random names. :P

jesusfreak247 Posted: Oct 29th 2010

i had the greatest black lab ever. her name was daisy and she got cancer in december 2007. we had to put her down on Christmas eve. i know that daisy is with the Lord.
rest easy daisy.

skalouis Posted: Oct 29th 2010

rip harry the hamster,kitty the cat,daisy the cat,and a goldfish could bob:'(

NeilK Posted: Oct 29th 2010

Two of our cats, Puss and Princess, died about two months ago on the road just outside our home. Puss had started as a wild cat, but became tame and a very much loved pet. Princess was our brother's pet, and had a litter of kittens too.

Even to this day, I miss Puss very much. :( The house seems empty without him round to play with and cuddle... R.I.P. Princess and Puss.

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010

my dog bud died. he was 18 in people years! he was a great dog!

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