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cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 25th 2010

I've been away for what seems like years! How are you all? I hope you're keeping well! It's good to be back!

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 26th 2010

wow, welcome back, i'm not sure if you remember me, BUT I REMEMBER YOU!(Ooh, stalkerish.)

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Of course I remember you! ;)

thetopbun Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Welcome Back! :) How are you?

Gromit lad Posted: Jul 28th 2010

Hurah! Even though how I started on the site, I made some people mad.... BUT, welcome back Cheesefanatic, without you............Well lets just say you've missed a lot. Now lets...... read...... rate...... chat.....

lad is glad people are coming back

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 28th 2010

cracking (and slowly geting burnt) toast is happy aswell. good to see you back chessefanatic. You've missed alot,and alot of people have left,but this is still the great forum it was. not sure if you where around at the time,but there's also a new game called sprocket rocket which is really fun,this new section and alot of new members.

cheesefanatic Posted: Aug 15th 2010

Hi CT and thetopbun!

concon Posted: Sep 10th 2010

Imma backs aswell. 8)

the mag Posted: Sep 10th 2010

wellcome back

afrachocolate Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Welcome Back

shogg Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Welcome back Barry :) (Laughs,when looking back at message,i just called you barry XD wrong thread)
W|-)elcome back Cheese! I'm ste

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