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kieran Posted: Jul 27th 2010

According to the animation magazine wallace and gromit are going to appear in an episode of the simpsons.

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 27th 2010

I find that somewhat disturbing.

ajmole Posted: Jul 27th 2010

That can't be true, and ditto STL.

kieran Posted: Jul 27th 2010

Can aardman staff please comment on this because i dont know whether to believe it or not.

cheesefanatic Posted: Jul 27th 2010

I'll 3rd that STL!

Nathan M Posted: Jul 27th 2010

it would be strange but id love to see it

tiptopgolfy Posted: Jul 28th 2010

hmm strange plasticine with a cartoon

shaun the lamb Posted: Jul 28th 2010

Simpsons isn't the most "family" friednly cartoon. I doubt Aardman would do anything W&G Related with them.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 28th 2010

I will 4th-th that.
It seems like a really stupid idea...

crackin cheese Posted: Jul 30th 2010

well acoording to the article it was announced at comic con and that the christmas episode would be puppet animation !! I do admit it is very unlikely

Nathan M Posted: Jul 30th 2010

i hope it happens :D

crackingtoast Posted: Jul 30th 2010

What the? The simpsons is family friendly. It's got stuff aimed at adults and children,jokes children won't get and jokes adults will be puzzled why children find them so funny. Though I doubt this is true. Aardman have been selling themselves out recently but W&G aren't as popular in America. There's hardcore fans,and there's people who've never heard of it. That's it over there.

iantimothy Posted: Jul 30th 2010

W&G are increasing in popularity, even a couple years ago, most of the time if I asked "have you heard of Wallace and Gromit" people wouldn't know, but now most people do. There are a lot more DVDs and things too.
I don't watch the simpsons, but wheen I have seen it, it isn't too bad, nothing compared to "South Park" or "Family Guy". Neither of which I watch either.

ajmole Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Well, I like Simpsons, but W&G is family friendly with no swearing. Simpsons has swearing and other stuff that Aardman wouldn't put in W&G. I still think that it's a bad idea.

Nathan M Posted: Jul 30th 2010

simpsons doesnt have swearing

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Ya, what Nathan said. Simpsons is just hilarious. :D

kieran Posted: Jul 30th 2010

I just hope that the simpsons episode that they appear in is in claymation.

If you click on this link it said that a simpsons episode a christmas special will see the simpsons as puppets, i just hope by puppets they mean clay mation and i hope that wallace and gromit will appear in a clay mation episode.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Stink :-|

thetopbun Posted: Jul 31st 2010

I think if they appeared in The Simpsons there would be good publicity and Wallace and Gromit would be even more known. I don't think the two designs will really work though. It would be hard to decide whether Wallace and Gromit go 2D or The Simpsons become 3D...
I also wonder what colour Wallace will be, as he is known for his precise skin colour and it won't really work if he is yellow...

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 31st 2010


Nathan M Posted: Jul 31st 2010

to be honest... Wallace and gromit wouldn't work in Simpsons (but id like to see it) if they did Wallace and gromit with the Simpsons with plastercine it would ruin the Simpsons and if they did Wallace and gromit with the Simpsons in cartoon it would ruin Wallace and gromit so i really don't know how they can do this to be fair. (i sorta want to see it though).

thetopbun Posted: Jul 31st 2010

Maybe they could green screen the Wallace and Gromit plasticine models over it, so Wallace and Gromit are 3D and The Simpsons are 2D... I do want to see it also

kldceltic Posted: Jul 31st 2010

i want to see it to;)

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