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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Jul 28th 2010

Calling all budding game designers! Our friends at BAFTA contacted us with recently information about an exciting new competition they are running and we thought you might be interested....


BAFTA Young Game Designers
Want to design your own video game, learn from the professionals and be in with
a chance to win some utterly amazing prizes? Then BAFTA Young Game Designers is for you!

How to Enter
BAFTA Young Game Designers is an exciting new competition for 11-16 year olds. Working in a team of three, you and two friends get creative and plan, write and illustrate your idea for a new video game.

To enter visit . The website is packed full of useful stuff to help you, including a step-by-step guide to games design, information about free workshops around the UK, and top tips from some of the big names in UK video game design.

And for all you keen Harry potter fans out there, look out for Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) who will be on the panel of judges for the competition!

The Prize
The prize includes work experience with professional game designers at Bright Light, an EA studio, and a working prototype of the winning entry developed by the games boffins at Abertay University!

The winning team will be announced at the glittering EA British Academy Children's Awards in London in November.

Good luck!

thetopbun Posted: Jul 28th 2010

AWESOME! :) Thanks Katie!

What if we can already make our own game though? :P

ajmole Posted: Jul 28th 2010

Can people in the USA do this?

number Posted: Jul 28th 2010

Cool! (:

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Sounds great!

ajmole Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Once again, it sounds cool, but can people in other countries do this?

thetopbun Posted: Jul 31st 2010

I don't think so ajmole...

ajmole Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Aw man! USA misses out on everything cool! :-(

wghtmf Posted: Aug 2nd 2010

So do people that are too young for certain things!

nam man06 Posted: Aug 4th 2010

woohoo im just about old enough! :D

potsy Posted: Aug 8th 2010

oh well, ill enter anyway!>:-)

edmond Posted: Aug 20th 2010

id love to create a game shame i cant enter that kinda stuff 0:)

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 20th 2010

D'oh! Too bad. But if I was in UK I wouldnt know where to start.............. Good luck everyone else!


potsy Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

im allready working on it with my friends at school itll be a blast!

Miley05 Posted: Aug 28th 2010

How do you make teams?

ajmole Posted: Aug 28th 2010

You form your own Miley, but it's not for people in the USA. Only the UK. : (

potsy Posted: Aug 29th 2010

im in the AUS but im entering anyway

was-Ink Posted: Sep 3rd 2010

Can you make a Wallace and Gromit game?

Nathan M Posted: Sep 3rd 2010

I would love it if they made another wallace and gromit game for the ps2/ps3? I bet they wont though :/

Roosterlee Posted: Sep 6th 2010

I really want to to it.

the mag Posted: Sep 9th 2010

do they have a wallace and gromit game for ps2?

potsy Posted: Oct 12th 2010

i think they might, well they have one for X-Box

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