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kldceltic Posted: Jul 28th 2010

iantimothy Posted: Jul 28th 2010

Happy Birthday.

*sings "Happy Birthday"* (that was written about 4 miles from my house)

harryboy8080 Posted: Jul 28th 2010


crackingtoast Posted: Jul 29th 2010

Happy Birthday! As late as it may be.

Clay Fighter Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Happy Birthday, what did you get?

purplesheep123 Posted: Jul 30th 2010

happy birthday:D

Miley05 Posted: Jul 30th 2010

Miley05 Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Oh no. :P

ajmole Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Woopa, everybody cares about the users on this website except you. It's only you who thinks that, so keep it to yourself PLEASE. Now leave forever.

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Happy birthday kldceltic! And I'ma let you in on a little secret. Dont open those red tabs of comments by people who havent been approved by seb.

ajmole Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

But Seb hasn't been on in months! And kld's birthday was in July. ;)

wallace05 Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

hey woopy idiot, shut up about my friend, she's only 18 or 19, ur the one who's 200, and by the way, stop swearing. either get the hel out of here and never come back, or learn some manners

sudoos Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

i think the same wallace05

kldceltic Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

yh i hated him:O

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 24th 2010

Happy Belated B day

kldceltic Posted: Aug 25th 2010

ma bday was in july:O

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 26th 2010

Belated? ;):D

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 27th 2010

Belated means late, as in, mmasonghi studios is wishing Kld a late happy birthday!

the mag Posted: Oct 30th 2010

happy birthday!

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