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iantimothy Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Beaver Creek Five has been released. Tell me what you think, There is a lot goin' on in this one, so if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask.


VincentAnimations01 Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Once again an outstanding animation, love the model train!
Loving the puns etc and the stick - o advert, made me laugh!!!
Keep them coming!!!!

ajmole Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Awesome! I liked the Stick-O's ad. 'You can't beat it with a stick!' :D

iantimothy Posted: Aug 1st 2010

Yeah, the stick-o's commercial (advert) just kinda came out of nowhere, we wanted it to be just a short little simple song, But the lady who sings it wrote that great song.
a neat little trivia is that all of the voices you hear on the TV are actual professionals of what they are doin', The weather reporter, her real name is Amy Barkley, we changed it to Amy Barkleaf, She used to be a weather reporter in Baltimore. Tim Roberts the newscaster, is a professional announcer here in louisville, he does a lot of commercials and things. And Tina Showalter is a professional Jazz singer here in Louisville, my dad produced an album for her about a year ago.

thespazicat Posted: Aug 1st 2010

yo ian, another outstanding episode, well done. as always the animation was smooth and great. The best bit was the stick-o's ad, showing off both ur talents with stopmotion and 2d animation. the humour was clever, especially the tree kept setting on fire. All the voice talents were great too, how you get in touch with all these news casters and musicians is beyond me.

over all great, cant wait for the next adventure of twigs.


iantimothy Posted: Aug 1st 2010

spaz, All of the voice talents are family friends, we just have a talented bunch of friends, and we have a ton more, if I ever need any.

thespazicat Posted: Aug 1st 2010


Nathan M Posted: Aug 1st 2010


iantimothy Posted: Aug 2nd 2010

Today I am going to upload them to the Creations.

funkycheese7000 Posted: Aug 2nd 2010

I just sw the new episode! It was great! I especially liked the Stick-O's jingle, and I'd glad that the tree survived in the end! None of your hard work went to waste, good job Timothy!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 2nd 2010

Wow Great Job Ian! :D

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 2nd 2010


Ursrut Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

HA ha LOVED IT! The gags are as good as ever :). Worth waiting for |-)

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

Sadly I cannot watch it because my internet speed has slowed right down due to us using up the majority of it and it doesnt reste until the 8th of August :-(

kldceltic Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

poor you clay fighter:-( you spelt reset wrong:O

shaun the lamb Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

It was a typo KC.

Hey Ian, could you upload it here becuase my computer never lets me watch videos due to lag.
(If it's no trouble of course)

iantimothy Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

Of course, actually I had an idea yesterd'y, I think I can put a version on here that y'all could put on your ipods or iphones. If y'all want that?

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

Sure! If you need to convert the file I always go ....... I always use that and it works great.

iantimothy Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

I can do it in quicktime.

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

Fantastic! I loved the little wordplays and jokes, and it was nice to have a bit of interaction between the animals and humans. It seems a bit of a different style to the rest of them.

iantimothy Posted: Aug 3rd 2010

yeah, the fourth one was so good, I wanted a bit of contrast with this one.

shaun the lamb Posted: Aug 4th 2010

Well, if that ain't the gosh dern funniest thing this side of the mhissisipi (spelling?)!

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 4th 2010

lol, you mean Mississippi ;)
I love it when people bet me I cant spell it! :D

shaun the lamb Posted: Aug 4th 2010

Aaaah! Too many s's!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 4th 2010

Alrtight it is on the creations, first one!!!! and it is on the home page, it will get a ton of views that way!

thetopbun Posted: Aug 4th 2010

THAT WAS AMAZING! A great birthday is my Birthday soon :D I LOVE THE STICK-O advert! I laughed so loud!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 4th 2010

well close enough, consider it a birthday present.

iantimothy Posted: Aug 6th 2010

It has been the first one on the Creations page for three days, and it will probably stay up all weekend, it already has 6000 views. If you haven't seen it yet or want to rate it or comment here is the link.

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 8th 2010

I finally got to watch it!!
Its quite different from the rest...more....ADVANCED!
There was alot more going on which is great!
I loved the flash animaiton,the apple falling,the laptop, The puns/Word gags, the woodpecker,the termites, the human...EVERYTHING!
I also think that the flying was done alot smoother in this episode.
Ya' know in Twigs' house, over the mantle piece he has the blue and white china? Well my Mum has alot of that (normal size though) !!!
Also, I see what you meant about the hats earlier on!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 8th 2010

well, much obliged. Glad you like it.
I definately agree with you on the flying, in the past I used to use more rigs and actually physically make them fly. this time I used all photoshop.

boo315 Posted: Aug 9th 2010

Treebay LOL!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 9th 2010

I think I mentioned a while back I put a gag in this episode that I have wanted to put in since the first episode. Well, that was it! We had the idea for Treebay during the first episode.

Gromits little bro Posted: Aug 11th 2010

I just saw the Beaver Creek DVD pics on facebook. They look amazing!!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 11th 2010

Thanks, I think I will put those pictures on here too, so everybody else can see em.

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Aug 11th 2010

Loving the Beaver Creek font!
Looks great!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 11th 2010

me too, it's called "woodbadge"

crackin cheese Posted: Aug 17th 2010

Ian there was so much stuff that I loved in that episode !!! I thought the animation was brill and the models were fab !!! i loved the leaf sign on the laptop instead of apple

P.s My Grandad bought one of those train whistles when I was little just like drakes !!:D

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 17th 2010

Ever see that Ian? :D And where can I get a link to see the DVD covers!

iantimothy Posted: Aug 17th 2010

now harry.... how did you find that?!?! Martinez Beaver is a great website, an they are great people. look at this link, this has all the stuff they have about Beaver Creek on there

Here are pictures of the DVD covers. Some of these were in a silent auction at the Martinez Beaver Festival

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 17th 2010

I decided to look up "Beaver Creek, Ian Timothy" to see how well know it was. :D

Cool covers!

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 18th 2010

Wow awesome covers!
I could see that for sale in shops!

abra Posted: Aug 19th 2010

wow. that is good. you are amazing at stop motion.

Jamie Gomersall Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Fantastic work as per usual :)

Nathan M Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

It looks so proffessional! Well done! :D

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