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katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 12th 2010 will celebrate its 3rd birthday tomorrow - how time flies when you're having fun!


A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the site over the past year – it’s been fantastic to see old and new faces alike! How long have you been a member? What have been your favourite moments? Feel free to post your comments below!

Over the past year we have seen:
34,226 forums posts
1041 entries into the "Creation of the Month" Competition
50 "Creation of the Month" winners and runners up
11 Top Bun Winners
12 jam-packed newsletters sent to our community
2 new moderators – say hello to the lovely KirstenW and Ellie M!
1 x 20th anniversary celebration of Wallace & Gromit
12,466,562 game plays across Top Bun, Sprocket Rocket and Invention Suspension equating to
…over 237 years of gameplay! (if the average game takes 10 minutes)

Members who have posted the most creations:
wallace05 storms away into the lead with a massive 119 creations uploaded – wow!

Also in the top 5 were...
PJ-London 44 uploads
malley2007 22 uploads
MotionMe 22 uploads
barby&alex 20 uploads

And a special mention to....
Harry, who shares his birthday with Happy Birthday to Harry and anyone else sharing their birthday with our site!

And in recognition of all the those fantastic Creation of the Month winners over the year, take a look at the gallery below. Well done to everyone who has entered over the year, we've thoroughly enjoyed looking at them all!

Feeling inspired? There's still time to enter this month's competition to be in with a chance of winning a "Art of Curse of the Were-Rabbit" book and a Wallace & Gromit apron! Click here to enter!


number Posted: Aug 13th 2010

Happy birthday Wallace and!:D

Ursrut Posted: Aug 13th 2010

wow i thought it was about this time of year but I didn't guess today HAPPY BIRTHDAY wallace and gromit dot com

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Aug 13th 2010

Happy Bday, what a fantastic and colourful montage of creations!!

ajmole Posted: Aug 13th 2010

Happy birthday! I hope we have another happy year here! And that Gromit with Odie picture is awesome, cracks me up! :)

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 13th 2010

YES! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLACE AND GROMIT.COM! And I still never found out if those mr. and ms. mulch where edible. Honestly they look like it......


lad is still wondering if everyone got a emotion.......:gromit1lad:

jordan Posted: Aug 13th 2010


kldceltic Posted: Aug 13th 2010

happy 3rd bday

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 14th 2010

Yea! I Joined 2 Years Ago So That Means I'm Kinda Old
Question: Who Was The 1st Member?

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 14th 2010

Yea. I wonder if they're still on to? I checked the old old creations of the month. Hope they come back.

I joined 1 er 2 years ago. I don't remeber! LOL!

lad posts tooo much

Aardeej Posted: Aug 14th 2010

Happy Birthday! :D

skalouis Posted: Aug 14th 2010

happy birthday!:):D

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 14th 2010

Birthday Happy!

Evo89 Posted: Aug 14th 2010

Happy Birthday :D

boo315 Posted: Aug 14th 2010

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Dear W&G.Com,
Happy Birthday To You!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 14th 2010

For Its A Jolly Good Web Site,
For Its A Jolly Good Web Site,
For Its A Jolly Good Web Site,
Witch knowbody can deny!

Fionah Posted: Aug 15th 2010

Happy Birthday!

Havenese Posted: Aug 15th 2010

Happy birthday dearest w&g website and ive been on for about 3 weeks! I love it!

Fish Posted: Aug 15th 2010

Happy Birthday W&!

joshfoot Posted: Aug 16th 2010

Happy 3rd birthday WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 16th 2010

Thanks for all the messages everyone - great to see a mix of old and new members!

@mmasonghi studios and Gromit lad - Katiegirl2007 was the first member of the site, they joined on the 14th August 2007 at 16:48! Sadly I don't think I've seen them in a long while...Saying that, Jordan was also one of the first to join and he's still around today!

Gromits little bro Posted: Aug 16th 2010

I joined in around september 2007 (saw it in the now dead comic) But i never posted until AMOLAD was released.

Gromits little bro Posted: Aug 16th 2010

Oh and happy 3rd birthday!!!!

Gromit lad Posted: Aug 16th 2010

WAG215 and ccbster commented on this year...... are they past members? Alot of people on first creation, page 255.... wow. Plus what happened to Wallace05.......


kldceltic Posted: Aug 16th 2010

which aardman staff joined on here in 2007:O

kldceltic Posted: Aug 16th 2010

1. katie d


Purple&Brown Posted: Aug 16th 2010

Woohooo Happy Birthday! I think I joined september 08

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Aug 17th 2010

Happy Birthday to the best site on the net...and the best people who contribute to it

Let's have a drink to celebrate... tea, ?

Fish Posted: Aug 17th 2010

I agree, SockEye - this is the best site on the net! |-)

I was one of the first to join this forum. I think I signed up in October 2007. Some of the people who were around at that time were SockEye, MarktheShark, Jordan, Gromitlove, Cinders...all the names I can pull up right now.

Nathan M Posted: Aug 18th 2010

wow 3 years already... seems only yesterday that i signed up for the very first time time does go so fast :D happy birthday

kieran Posted: Aug 19th 2010

Happy 3rd birthday the internet wouldnt be the same with out this site lol

iantimothy Posted: Aug 19th 2010

I officially joined in December '07 but I had been an active forum reader an creation viewer since late August.

gromitsbuddyinginventor Posted: Aug 24th 2010


jordan Posted: Aug 24th 2010

i remember and empty forum and my thread was "hi is there anybody there , or id it just me" lol !

Gromit02 Posted: Aug 27th 2010

Happy birthday Wallace and ;)

qwackers Posted: Aug 27th 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Wallace and Gromit!!

Gromit lad Posted: Sep 7th 2010



the mag Posted: Sep 9th 2010

happy birthday wallace and gromit!

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