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shogg Posted: Aug 19th 2010

Welcome to the youtube club 4! You may know us from 1,2 and 3rd yotube club,yes some of you may enjoyed it but this one is back and better than ever! We hope you enjoy
-Ste/shogg Head

Points: To get points you literlly need to post a youtube video from [click on it] Any,as long as its not rude,yes you can post other users videos But you'll only get 10 points for it although you can get 50 points for your own video.Please note only 20 videos a day it clogs the club!

This is only in 'fake' life!!! You start off with a rubbish house [you need to be born though] And you have to upgrade it to a mansion,This takes time and a lot of points! Whats the point? The point is if you Get a mansion you can be a main head on this club!
To make your hosue better you need these:
Get 1000 points- bungalow
Get 1500 points - Big bungalow
Be polite - Tiny house
Help people out - Medium house
If i'm not here,be responsible and still run the club -Big house
Get 2- reward- Mansion


1st : Team Name: Happy Hippie's
Members :Em5
200 points

2nd: Team Name: Watersurfers
Members: Ajmole
190 points

3rd: Team Name:
Members: Nah
140 points

4th : Team Name:
Members: Cebulips9
90 points

5th : Team Name:
Members: Funky
75 points

6th : Team Name:celtickld88
Members : kldceltic
25 points

1st january 2010 />

Get 10 points by postiing a youtube video,must not be rude


Take that Meowsay!
This weapon gets rid of 30 points of any user you pick! But it is 20 points though to other people could beat you

Double Trouble:
This weapon cost's 50 points but gets rid of 100 points of any random 3 users!Warning: You could get picked aswell though!

ajmole Posted: Aug 19th 2010

When was the last time you updated my points?

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 20th 2010

Can I join?
can i be in the Watersurfers with Ajmole?
Heres a video(it is MINE)

shogg Posted: Sep 12th 2010

Hey,if you like Super smash bros brawl wii,check this outL

Please watch :P and rate :P and most of all comment|-)

concon Posted: Sep 18th 2010

Team Cruel. :D


(I was bored)

concon Posted: Sep 26th 2010

I made this its AWESOMEZ!

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