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fateme Posted: Aug 20th 2010

i need to make an Aquarium.could anyone help?
i also need to make a chair
if anyone know how to make them pleas say

gromit go for him Posted: Aug 27th 2010

i am not a total expert but the way i plan is get thin wood or a normal bit of cardboard and make a cube or rectangle
and then get some seethrough paper that you can get from buying jellys for your windows and add that as glass

hope this helps

20 % profesinal lol

iantimothy Posted: Aug 27th 2010

alright, I don't want to totally disregard what Ggfh said, but it may look a little bit amateurish. What I would do is get four very thin small dowel rods, and use them as the corners, then get some clear plastic, and cut those to shape and glue it to the dowels, decorate the inside whatever way you want. then get some woodland scenics water. You pour this gel like material in and when it dries it looks like water.

Then for the chair, there is two ways you could go there. If you characters are the right size then you could use dollhouse furniture, if you don't (or can't) use that then you could make it out of a polymer or air drying clay. Or another option is, if you want you could use wood and dowels. I woul probably make it out of clay, if you can't use dollhouse furniture.

fateme Posted: Oct 15th 2010

thank you very much

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 7th 2010

if you want to make your own stuff out of wood buy this - it makes wood work easy and safe :D

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 11th 2010

please reply

fateme Posted: Nov 17th 2010

that is very good

claymotion247 Posted: Nov 20th 2010


claymotion247 Posted: Nov 24th 2010

hi guys im back with a problem im trying to get grass but I cant find anywhere to get it.and im trying to get a paper back ground to stay still for animations but i have limits because im only 10 years of age:'( but i have space (2 tables)

fateme Posted: Nov 25th 2010

thank u
in my country there are some matrials for making has grass and everything.i dont know if u have in your country or not .u can check out ,

hope this help!

kathyvseen Posted: Nov 30th 2010

good idea..

The Aaron Shows Productions Posted: Apr 3rd 2011

you could use transparent paper for windows.

butca003 Posted: Apr 9th 2011

Reply to Claymotion247
In england there is this game called warhammer and they provide fake grass.
You can find it here:

majidrace Posted: Nov 12th 2011

I know I am late to this forum.. But I would like to share this.. Scale miniature and doll house chairs can be easily done in a variety of styles using simple woodworking techniques. And old credit card after spreading wide putty, wood putty to smooth out the excess glue....

Dollhouse furniture

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 14th 2012

I dont know if someone else has said this but some animation softward have chroma key settings (green screen) on them this comes in useful but i dont know if all animation softward can do this and how to do this

Bandersnatch Posted: Jan 14th 2012

The only software that i do know how to do is i can animate
all you have to do is turn it on but that software is more for younger kids

harryboy8080 Posted: Jan 18th 2012

To be honest, if you want a floating effect to take place in your aquarium, I would face your camera downward and have all of your figures on their sides, supported by wooden dowels hidden by their own bodies. Or, you could sepnd hours masking. It's your call.

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