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edmond Posted: Aug 20th 2010

ok so i wont make up one but ill choose the best one and itll stop on the 30th of august in BRITISH time 9:00

Ben5463 Posted: Oct 24th 2010

Wallace And Gromit In New York!

jesusfreak247 Posted: Oct 24th 2010

"W and G @ Sea" where wallace invents and awesome boat and go out of the sea until they get marooned. then its up to wallaces inventive mind to get them home. oh yeah... im on a roll

mortmort Posted: Oct 26th 2010

Cheese Wars!:D

the mag Posted: Oct 31st 2010


wallace05man Posted: Oct 31st 2010

yeah jesusfreak247 great idea!

wallace05man Posted: Oct 31st 2010

i actually wish that was a real w&G movie

hutch a holic Posted: Nov 9th 2010

W&G the invention that went bad

SockEyeSalmon Posted: Nov 9th 2010

& 's Murder Weekend... and Arthur Bostrom (the gendarme from Allo Allo!) could voice Hercule Parrot (as opposed to Hercule Poirot) and will be the real detective! would invent some CSI stuff to help the investigation.

We could bring all the villains back - , Victor Quartermaine and Piella Bakewell.

wallace05man Posted: Nov 10th 2010

and , SockEyeSalmon;)

timmythesheep848 Posted: Nov 11th 2010

& Travel in time! ( The title would be different but they would travel backwards and forwards in time and there could be a time twist where somebody changes history! Or it could be an awesome episode to see what would have happened if wallace didnt have gromit and gromit didnt have wallace)

And of course:

and go to Hollywood!

edmond Posted: May 9th 2011

so ehh thanks for posting sorry never really got back to deciding so lets just say make up the next movie title that you would like to be made>:-)

bertietb09 Posted: May 23rd 2011

Wallace and gromit, the last days out :-(|)

edmond Posted: Jun 5th 2011

the LAST days out

alibongob Posted: Jul 27th 2011

wallace and gromit "sherlock bones" where the moon is missing and so is all thr cheese so w&g have to be detactives and the movie should include the mice from a grand day out :D

shortcake123 Posted: Jul 28th 2011

Wallace and gromit working in a cheese factory!

edmond Posted: Jul 28th 2011

good ideas everyone :D

evastar7 Posted: Jul 28th 2011

mc feather has striked again !! :O

edmond Posted: Aug 2nd 2011

W&G the Evil Factory. A factory that wallace made when he was young but it didn't work so he left it. 5 Years into the future Wallace has to destroy his Factory because his inventions in the factory have turned bad and started to destroy the factory and the whole town with it. W&G will need a lot more than pest control to destroy these inventions. YAY for me

PrettyPrincess Posted: Aug 15th 2011

Wallace & Gromit...Odd Socks!

and have a new job but when tries to change his wages by sneaking into the boss's office he accidentally swaps his and 's identities with the boss's computer! When they get home, has to go around wearing clothes and has a collar on. Either that or make the nation even more confused! (please make up an end)

edmond Posted: Aug 15th 2011


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