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Jamie Gomersall Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

I hate to clutter up the forum but I'd just like to say hi. I havent been on the forum for a few months now but I when I came across the Aardman JR youtube account we created, I thought I had to return. I know in the past Ive often been quite difficult with one or two people but I'd like to start fresh. I truly have missed this site and all who are on it. Thank you for being such good friends.

Nathan M Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Welcome back :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

Welcome Back Jamie!

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

Welcome back!
Any updates on Fuzzy Idiots?
I was on the website yesterday ;)

thetopbun Posted: Aug 23rd 2010

Hey! :D

crackingtoast Posted: Aug 25th 2010

Good to see you back,Jamie! I know we never got on famously,but alot of people have gone recently and it's felt a bit empty. Great to see you back! Will you carry on with Fuzzy Idiots? I've still got the website on my favourites but there hasn't been any for a while.

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