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Miley05 Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

Hello, welcome to "On the Island", a TV show where 12 people get on a plane to Florida but then get stuck on an island. This is like Total Drama Island but in my version. There will be 5 tasks everyday in the "Sea of Forums" from here and W&G. for the final, the castaways have to vote who will get kicked out of the island. 1 will leave winner, 9 will leave defeated. I, Miley05, will be your host.

I need:

10 Castaways
2 Co-hosts

Are you a boy or girl?
Are you in any forum shows/games?
Do you watch "Get Smart"?
Why do you want to join?
Do you think you will win?
Do you think you will get defeated?
Is Total Drama Island your favorite show?
What was the weirdest moment in the Forums?
From 1% to 100% how weird are you?
From 1% to 100% how random are you?
Do you like Looney Tunes?
Wanna be a Co-host or a Castaway?
Got anything else to say?
A picture of your avatar:
A link to your avatar:

It all begins when I got everyone.


764093 Miley05 - Host
av_d0c3c5bb-0751-102d-874a-00304891b9c5.jpg Ajmole - Castaway
769191 Jum - Castaway
av_e642c5ac-3d44-102d-874a-00304891b9c5.gif Shaun and the Ewe - Castaway
769551 Lola1990 - Castaway
av_7835380f-7c6c-11df-ac2b-003048f89cbc.jpg Trikaya - Co-host
Timmybash - Castaway

Miley05 Posted: Aug 22nd 2010

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