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dhkites Posted: Aug 27th 2010

I thought I would post pictures of my W&G aeroplane kite. Hope you like it.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Aug 31st 2010

Wowee, that's absolutely amazing! Is it built or shop-bought? I don't recall ever seeing one before...

dhkites Posted: Aug 31st 2010

It is Homemade by myself. I have posted it in the "your creations" section.

katie Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 1st 2010

That's absolutely fantastic - bravo!

thetopbun Posted: Sep 1st 2010

WOAH! REALLY WELL DONE! That is amazing! Katie I haven't seen you in a while :(

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 1st 2010

Wow Cool!

boo315 Posted: Sep 6th 2010


Fish Posted: Sep 6th 2010

Brilliant! I want one!

bigfanwallace Posted: Sep 15th 2010

Nicely done:D

101Gromit Posted: Sep 27th 2010

WOW!THATS REALLY GOOD!hope the wind keeps up dhkites;)!

Purple&Brown Posted: Sep 27th 2010

Truely Amazing!! :D Have you uploaded it up to the creations?!

101Gromit Posted: Sep 27th 2010

I think you'll win!Good Luck!You dont mind if I advertise do you:D?
Anyway im making a stopmotion animation soon,it wont be plastercine but it will be a quick film of desktop utilities runnning around my desk on their own!Hope you will like it!

womble1 Posted: Oct 4th 2010

how long did it take to make?

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