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harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 28th 2010

I emailed LEGO telling them I am a * year old animator and was wondering if I could animate stop motion LEGO films for I told the person I was emailing I wanted my talents to be noticed, and I would animate free of charge, unless they wanted to give me some stuff or money in return.

I got an email back that said:

Dear ___,
Thanks for emailing us. Unfortunately, you are a year too young to animate for us. You seem like a very talented child. From what I know, we would be happy if you animated for us. I haven't asked anyone else about this because like I said, your just a little bit too young.... Anyways, maybe when you get a year or so older.

Thank you,
The LEGO Team

I shortened up that email a bit.... ;)

Darn it!:D

kldceltic Posted: Aug 28th 2010

i think ur age is that:O

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 28th 2010

What is the email?
I would LOVE to get in contact with the LEGO company about my lego animations...if thats okay with you harryboy8080, could you share the email with me?

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 30th 2010

I just went to contact us on the LEGO website...... but they also said that they cannot save my email... a law of the COPPA's. (not meaning cops ;) ) So you have to be older to email them. :D But you have to be a good animator, thy told me hey have trouble finding people good at this. And they made sure I was in the U.S. before making any promises. :D

harryboy8080 Posted: Aug 30th 2010

Anyways, here is the link to the contact us page:

Goodluck! |-)

ajmole Posted: Aug 30th 2010

Ya should be giving them a link to the UK site. ;)

Clay Fighter Posted: Aug 31st 2010

Im in australia -_-

Ellie M Aardman Staff Posted: Sep 2nd 2010

Harryboy- I've had to change your posts to take out your age, as it's against the rules to state your age on the forums.
Well done for getting that email back- you are indeed very talented!

thetopbun Posted: Sep 3rd 2010

Well done Ellie! Did you change it to the *? It was so fast, like a ninja, that I didn't even see his age! Good job!
I might apply for this lego animation as when I was at my "peak" I was working on 30 fps and it was so fluid :D

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