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iantimothy Posted: Aug 29th 2010

We have had the basic story idea now for almost a month.... but I didn't want to make the thread until now, because last night we finished the first rough script.

Beaver Creek Episode Six!

That's right! There is forward movin' progress on Beaver Creek Episode Six. This one will be really neat, pretty much everything about it is going to be new. There will be six new characters, four new sets, and a lot of funny new gags.

Now that may sound like a lot, but it is actually very doable. I am not going to say yet who the characters are, but I might once I have them built. The voices will be great too, we have one confirmed, and we know who we are going to get to do the others, and I think they will be perfect.

I will keep y'all posted.
If you have any questions I'll always answer 'em.

iantimothy Posted: Aug 29th 2010

I am going to post more behind the scenes pictures this time.

Gromits little bro Posted: Aug 29th 2010

Sounds exciting!!
Are any characters leaving it?

iantimothy Posted: Aug 29th 2010

nope, Twigs, Drake and the fish are all still in it.

Nathan M Posted: Aug 29th 2010

OMG yess im so happy about this.. Beaver creek is amazing :)

ajmole Posted: Aug 29th 2010

Yay! Go Beaver Creek! My brother makes Claymations. Whenever I want him to see Beaver Creek, he says no, and I told him you got some awards. I think he might be a tad jealous. >:-)

But anyways, I love Beaver Creek. I can't wait until the next episode!

mmasonghi studios Posted: Aug 29th 2010

Been Waitn' Fer Dis

thetopbun Posted: Aug 30th 2010

Next one already?! Want some CGI done for a section of it? :P

iantimothy Posted: Aug 30th 2010

I can't think of anything that would need to be CG, but if there is any I'll let ya know.
This one will be pretty simple, big action wise, there is only one little flying thing, But there is double the characters than I have ever had before.
It may be too early to guess when I will be done, but if I go by the other ones, probably anywhere from Late november to February. probably in the middle there.

thetopbun Posted: Sep 1st 2010

Ohh OK Ian, just trying to help :) I might see if I can make a CG Twigs! Can you send me a front and side view of him please? :D

iantimothy Posted: Sep 1st 2010

He is in a state of disrepair right now. But I can send you a picture when he is all fixed up and looking good. Only two more people to confirm as new voices.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 1st 2010


thetopbun Posted: Sep 1st 2010

Cool! Also if you want an English person, I am more than happy to do voice act :P

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 2nd 2010

Oh no!
Whats wrong with twigs?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 2nd 2010

He is just dirty and messed up.

iantimothy Posted: Sep 2nd 2010

and I think I am going to get a new armature for Twigs, and use the ol' one for one of the new characters.

iantimothy Posted: Sep 3rd 2010

Got another confirmation today on a voice. Should be a good character, he has a great voice. Only one more character to confirm... I will give you a hint, the one we still have to get, he is a youngin'. First kid we have, I wont tell you yet who he is though.

thetopbun Posted: Sep 4th 2010

Aha! A kid eh...? Well... Does Twigs get a son?! :D

iantimothy Posted: Sep 4th 2010

nope. :D

Clay Fighter Posted: Sep 4th 2010

A nephew visits?

ajmole Posted: Sep 4th 2010

Drake gets a son????????????

iantimothy Posted: Sep 4th 2010

can't tell you yet.... it is a beaver though.
might tell y'all next week.

ajmole Posted: Sep 4th 2010

Ooo, exciting! I can't wait to find out!

iantimothy Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Made three props today. Two ties and a hat.

ajmole Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Hmm, is there a play or something?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 5th 2010


ajmole Posted: Sep 5th 2010

Well it sounds interesting. I can't wait to see it!

iantimothy Posted: Sep 6th 2010

Got quite a bit of one of the new sets built. It's HUGE. I am not going to tell you what it is yet, but there is water, a lot of water.

ajmole Posted: Sep 7th 2010

An ocean???

VincentAnimations01 Posted: Sep 8th 2010

Sounds great Ian! A flood per chance!?
I look forward to seeing it!:)

harryboy8080 Posted: Sep 8th 2010

Oh, if someone guesses the right thing, don't tell them it is right! :D

boo315 Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Does Twigs family going to be in it

shogg Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Never heard of it,where can i watch the other eposoides?
I'd like to see it though:) I'm planning to be like you one day

iantimothy Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Here is all of the episodes.
Tell me what you think.

shogg Posted: Sep 11th 2010

Oh my Creekers. that is sooooo good! I can't believe it,i love it.
Like how long did it take you (I watched only the first and second eposoide)
and may i ask what you used to do it?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 11th 2010

They each take a couple months, even if you don't want to watch the whole episode right now, i suggest you look at one of the other three, and see the difference in the animation. It is much smoother, and cleaner than the first two.

iantimothy Posted: Sep 20th 2010

I have all of the voices confirmed, I am going to start shooting next week.

in other news, I was at an art show all weekend, my mom was selling painting, my dad way playing music and I was selling Beaver Creek DVDs, I haven't totaled it up yet, but I made well over $100. Some people I knew bought them, but a lot of em, were complete strangers.

thetopbun Posted: Sep 20th 2010

Ahh cool! How much did you sell each for? :)

mmasonghi studios Posted: Sep 20th 2010

Yeah How Mutch?

iantimothy Posted: Sep 20th 2010

$7.95, I sold 19 of 'em.

thetopbun Posted: Sep 20th 2010

Wow! That is quite good actually just for an event like that :) Well done! :D

harryboy8080 Posted: Sep 20th 2010

That is Awesome!

harryboy8080 Posted: Sep 20th 2010

$151.51! And I'm happy to say our family bought one! I bought one for my cousin who has autism. He seems to love movies that are stopmotion. Now hes repeating lines from them where ever we go.... :D

iantimothy Posted: Oct 2nd 2010

All of the script is done and all of the voices are confirmed, there are four new ones, and they are all different. We are going to start recording all of Twigs, Drake and the Fish today and one of the voice actors might be coming, he is a musician my dad is producing an album for. And he can do a lot of different voices so we have to figure out what this character is going to sound like.

thetopbun Posted: Oct 2nd 2010

Is it a musician who we would now? :O I can't wait for Episode 6! :D

iantimothy Posted: Oct 2nd 2010

probably not, his name is Will Cary, he was pretty famous in Louisville in the 70s and 80s but I would doubt you would know who he is.

mmasonghi studios Posted: Oct 2nd 2010

I've seen his face somewere IDK

iantimothy Posted: Oct 2nd 2010

I feel like a real Kentuckian now! I just got my first pair of overalls! they are $30 Gap overalls, I got 'em for $1.29.

Gromits little bro Posted: Oct 3rd 2010

$1.29? Bargin!

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